Video Emoji Social App

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Check out how we created a Social App for Android and iOS platforms to allow users to communicate via fixed-length videos.

The goal of this project was to develop a social network application in which fixed-length videos would be the primary way of communication between users. Users are offered the choice of conversation topics, and also users are given an opportunity to record a short video to express their attitude towards the subject by a particular emotion. A bonus system should be developed for encouraging users for creation of new content. Users can redeem bonus points in the application to get access to limited content, to turn off ads, etc. Video post-editing functionality allows adding text to the video, and also to apply one of available video effects similar to Instagram filters. Each user has their own news feed with content of his friends or people they like. Content sharing should be supported in the application.

Original name and screenshots of the application have been changed at the request of the rights holder.



The most interesting and tricky part of the development of the application were operations with camera and video files. For instance, we had to achieve equal video displaying on both iOS and Android platforms with applied filters as well as without them. In order to implement this functionality our team decided to use a cross platform framework FFMPEG. By the use of it, we’ve developed unique video effects according to special requirements from our client. With a concerted effort and thanks to following a strict development plan, we have achieved the target by the deadline.



The development of two versions of the application was performed by:

  • iOS developer;
  • Android developer.



The development of 2 applications took about 6 months.