Vienna Insurance Group Croatia – WordPress Dev & CMS Support

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Redevelopment and design of a CMS based on predefined rebranding materials, a WordPress site, training and advice for future development.

The Background

Neuralab was approached by the marketing associate of the Croatian branch of the insurance company offering all types of insurance, owned by an Austrian group. Autonomous within their country, they didn’t have to consult Vienna for everything.

The Challenge

A company rebranding and redesign of the website after a merger between the company and the parent group. There was a huge amount of work to do, like replacing the logo everywhere it had been posted. It was a challenge to deliver all the work by ourselves, including the content for the website, considering the small size of the marketing team.

The Solution

The scope of the involvementNeuralab helped with the design and development of the company’s new website. The rebranding had been predefined, in terms of a new logotype, name, and so on. Neuralab used the WordPress CMS, and provided education on how to work with it. They were there for the employees if we didn’t know how to change something, and helped in these situations.

The site is relatively simple. There is a list of the types of insurance the company provides (MTPL or travel insurance), but users can’t do transactions directly and are instead redirected to a partner site which provides software for policy creation. It’s basically an informational page for the products and company.

Neuralab did suggest designs and layouts for our page, and the company provided the content for it. They also provided the English translations, which were grammar-proofed by certified translators before being made live.

Neuralab suggested some improvements for the website, YouTube advertising and so on, but the company never had the time to consider this, as there was always a fire-extinguishing task to do as part of the everyday job. Neuralab team was always proactive and gave us ideas on what we should do next.

Who Found Whom?

Neuralab was found through a recommendation from the head of our marketing department.

The Cost

The average annual cost for Neuralab’s web maintenance service was about $5,500.

The Status of the Engagement

The cooperation with Neuralab started in mid-2013, around June. The collaboration, unfortunately, ended in October 2016 when it was decided on a higher level that the company’s IT systems will be provided and maintained by another company. It was a decision to simplify the process since that company had already been involved with some other projects, unconnected to marketing.

Even though the collaboration had ceased, we have maintained contact, and as the marketing manager, I continually seek advice from Neuralab, more recently for some junior websites. They were always friendly and collaborative.

The Results

Evidence That Would Demonstrate the Productivity, Quality of Work, or the Impact

Neuralab delivered the web redesign on time, and they educated the employees on how to do certain things personally so they wouldn’t have to wait for someone to reply to an email. Some changes need to be made fast, like updates on the working hours. Before this, we typically had to write other companies an email, and wait for the information to be corrected. Being able to make changes by ourselves was relieving and more efficient.

From a Project Management Standpoint

For the more complicated changes design-wise or for putting texts into certain tables, Neuralab offered help fast. They also have a help center/support system where employees can register and talk live with our account manager. They answered right back to the problems, and it was possible to instantly check the progress of our inquiries.

The communication was usually done through this platform, and the company didn’t have any issues. If something was urgent or needed more explanation, it was possible to call them. Neuralab was available, and the communication was always smooth.