Villacarte — Rent & Sale Real Estate PPC Lead Generation

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Villacarte is a real estate company in Thailand. The goal – improve sale lead generation from PPC. We fixed Google ads, set new PPC in Facebook, etc.

My Team and I have worked in PPC, Analytics, CRO, Automatic Tunnels, and Funnel since 2008. We have experience in difficult fields. So the client decided to hire us for an ongoing project.


1. Improve rent and sale lead generation from PPC (Google AdWords, Yandex Direct, Facebook, MyTarget, VK) in Phuket,
2. Optimize CPL and CR
3. Start PPC lead generation in Samui (Thailand) and Bali (Indonesia),
4. Increase quality and quantity rent leads,
5. Increase quality and quantity sale leads,
6. Start lead generation for the investment department.
7) Implement new traffic sources for PPC


1. Made analytics of current conversion tracking system, found and fixed problems in analytics
2. Prepared analytic system for increase traffic (based on Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Yandex Metrika).
3. Implemented Online Chat CarrotQuest and trigger pop-ups for better CRO.
4. Implemented Analytics (PPC automation and optimization system), linked it with Google AdWords, Google Analytics, CRM, Yandex Direct.
5. Restructured all AdWords campaigns and account, found 10 000 new keywords, prepared with client new Text, Banner, Responsive Display Ads (over 50 000 in Russian, English and French).
6. Started lead generation for new markets (Samui, Bali)
7. Set up new PPC ads in Facebook, MyTarget, VK and Yandex Direct
8. Analyzed and optimized PPC campaigns for better KPI, AdWords Quality Score, Conversion Rate, CPL on a weekly basis
9. Prepared and optimized new client landing pages

For this ongoing project, we use principles of Scrum Agile Marketing with a one-week iteration process.


We increased quality and quantity high-budget rent lead, quantity sale leads for the sales department, and generated leads for property investment in Phuket.