Virtual Post Mail Platform Design and Development

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With Virtual Post Mail, all mail and packages are processed, organized and presented via an intuitive web app.

Virtual Simplicity

Virtual Post Mail™ is the easiest way to manage your mail. Simply select a plan that fits your needs and submit a change of address form with the U.S. Post Office. Your incoming mail then ships to a VPM facility, where it sprouts wings and takes off for the cloud.

Digital Mail

Every incoming parcel is weighed and digitized using VPM’s high-quality scanner. The date received and date scanned are recorded in the system and can be viewed in document details.

One Click Away

VPM turns your snail mail into email. After inbound envelopes and packages are scanned, you’ll have digital access to all the details. What happens next is up to you.

Request for your mail to be opened and scanned. All scans are at 200+ DPI and presented in PDF format. This means documents are easy to read and can be saved locally.

Received an important item? Have it sent to the address of your choice. VPM provides fast and affordable package forwarding options to anywhere in the world.

After you have reviewed your inbox, archive your documents or request to have them shredded. Unlike other providers, VPM shreds your documents for free.

Money in the Bank

VPM even allows you to deposit checks without visiting a bank! When you receive a check in your mailbox, simply request to have it deposited directly into your bank account. Your deposit will be completed within one business day.

Top Security

Your mail is safe and sound with VPM. The scanning facility is under 24/7 surveillance and all content is stored on a secure server featuring enterprise-level encryption.

Access Mail Anywhere

Virtual Post Mail is used by businesses, expats, travelers, and digital nomads alike. In this day and age, mobility is a reality of life. Traditional mail no longer needs to be the exception to this rule.