Virtual Reality Integrated Campaign

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AIL - Retire Your Risk

Integrated campaign addressed the risk of outliving retirement income, complete with a VR truck experience that brought risk to live.

Annuities help ensure people are protected from risks, such as longevity, volatility and health care costs. Nearly half of those surveyed said they are approaching their retirement years “unprotected.” The Alliance for Lifetime Income, a 501(c)(6) nonprofit was formed to educate consumers by 24 of the nation’s leading financial services organizations. Its mission is to help Americans address the risk of outliving their retirement income.

Retire Your Risk

Annuities help ensure people are protected from risks, such as longevity, volatility and health care costs.  To communicate this, we used real-life people who had risky jobs; a shark diver, jet-propelled car driver and volcanologist.

As spokespeople, they shared their experiences living with risk and discussed how an annuity provided them with peace of mind that they would be protected in retirement.

Making Risk Real

To bring this concept to life for consumers and financial advisors, we created a mobile virtual reality Retire Your Risk tour.

The tour allowed key audiences to experience these risky situations in a safe way and made the connection to the lifetime protection of these products.

The VR-branded truck experience enabled our 24 member companies to bring the experience to their target audiences, including employees and financial advisors, as well as leverage existing sponsorships for activations such as Lincoln Financial Field and the Prudential Center.

The tour kicked off on October 4th with Protect Your Retirement Income Day in NYC’s Times Square. The launch was supported by a roundtable event attended by 12-member company CEOs, a consumer media luncheon and Facebook Live/Twitter chat with personal finance superstar Jean Chatzky.

Making an Integrated Impact

When people want to know more about a topic, they search for it. Owning real estate on a search page means better visibility, and opportunity to drive highly interested parties to learn more about us and annuities.

  • 3,986,135 searches for annuities (6/14 – 10/2)
  • 124,335 were driven to
  • 43.44% alliance impression share vs. 20.94% competition
  • 114,500,566+ earned media impressions

Since the educational campaign began, the number of media mentions about annuities has sky-rocketed from ~8.6K/month to ~12.6K/month with an impressive drop in negative articles and an increase in balanced articles. Earned efforts reached over 100 million.

ALI - Retire Your Risk Infographic