Visual Brand Identity and Package Design for Gold Choxa & Steviq

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We had a task to create visual identity and product packages of new brands Gold Choxa and SteviQ.

About the Client

STEVIQ LIFE Ltd. has become a synonym for high quality, innovation and strongly orientated towards functional health benefits of products. STEVIQ LIFE Ltd. is a pioneer leading manufacturer in Croatia. Constantly investing in technology and efforts to improve production recipes, Quality ensures premium choice ingredients and cutting edge manufacturing technology. The ultimate secret of our unique chocolate and cocoa recipes is replacing sugar with stevia, natural sweetener based on herbal extracts.

About the Products

Highest quality selection ingredients, certified safety, and manufacturing standards, with higher cocoa and coffee content for the better value for money choice, nutritionist designed product developed for a mild and beneficial digestive effect, makes Gold Choxa your #1 choice among the 3 in 1 coffee type coffee and cocoa beverages without added sugar.

Natural sweeteners like SteviQ make it is possible to limit the sugar intake without denying yourself the desire for the sweet taste, as the natural replacement can actually be beneficial to your diet when choosing the right product.

Gold Choxa 3 in 1 coffee SteviQ offers the right recipe for those who are looking for a cup of coffee without added sugar, preferring natural solution whenever possible. Being that SteviQ is the zero-calorie sweetener based on natural stevia and erythritol combination for the right measure of sweetness, it also does not disrupt the fullness of the coffee taste and aroma. Those features make the Gold Choxa coffee 3 in 1 stand ready to deliver to even most demanding and gourmet taste requirements. To make a step further, it brings three delicious flavours. Try them all and discover your favorite taste for the 3 in 1 instant coffee with added nutritious benefits.

  • Gold Choxa Vanilla
  • Gold Choxa Chocolate
  • Gold Choxa Original

Our Tasks

We had a task to create the brand identity for Gold Choxa, which includes design strategy, logo design, packages design and marketing materials for various purposes.

Our inputs were only brand names and client wanted to have a unique and modern design, and also connected to the theme (hot beverages).

Logo design included:

  • Gold Choxa logo design
  • SteviQ logo design

Some of our product design included the following:

  • Gold Choxa paper boxes for chocolate bags – 3 sizes of boxes and 3 flavours per product
  • Gold Choxa small content bags of hot chocolate – 3 flavours per product
  • Gold Choxa larger aluminium bags of hot chocolate – 2 sizes of bags and 3 flavours per product
  • SteviQ sugar replacement sweetener bags
  • SteviQ paper box for sugar replacement sweetener

We also were contacting the client along every step as well as the printing offices.