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An American-based company that virtually exhibits homes

Visualized is an American-based company that virtually exhibits homes. This service allows sellers to present their properties at their very best, with interior designs tailored to suit buyers’ needs. This solution attracts more clients, as well as enables agents to make a great first impression, and set higher prices for rental.

TECHNOLOGIES Vue.js, Python, Django, PostgreSQL

Project challenges

  • It was important to create a simple, yet interesting, interface for the website. This helps to attract private and commercial customers, while also improving customer service.
  • We wanted to facilitate registration, a process for uploading photos in different formats, and payment.
  • It was also necessary to provide an effective means of communication between clients and the company.


  • The website we created provides direct communication between designers and clients. After registration users can easily upload pictures of an empty property, choose the interior design they would like, and receive ultra-realistic designs.
  • An FAQ page improves customer experience by quickly providing information on regularly asked questions. This also reduces customer service costs and saves both time and money.
  • Our user-friendly website provides a quick and easy way of communicating information between the company and its clients. It encourages positive customer relations and enhances the reputation of the agents and agency alike.


Our solution for the virtual staging of the property helps increase inquiries by an average of 75%. Most home sellers and agents know that furnished and decorated apartments help buyers visualize their future homes. Brokers rely on our online solution because it allows them to test the market, attract the attention of prospective buyers, and save money by bypassing purchasing actual furniture. Visualized allows both buyers and sellers to appreciate the true value of a vacant property, including its room dimensions, room sizes, and outdoor space.