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With the online presence of many industries, customer needs and preferences change. People tend to do as many things as they can from the comfort of their sofa.

Before: The Problem

The COVID-19 pandemic was a great accelerator in terms of changing customer behavior, forcing even traditional retail customers to buy groceries online to avoid contact with people. Voli already had the intention to grow its business with online sales. The problem was infrastructure and a scalable solution to sell retail products online.

During: The Solution

After a few meetings and consultations with EBRD and ourselves, Voli decided to begin the project with us. We decided not only to build an online platform but to automize as many processes as possible, too.

The webshop is synchronized with the ERP software that Voli is using. We designed the webshop with a focus on user experience and clean product presentation. The development process took around 4 months — the full results of our work can be seen here.

A very important part of the customer experience is the ability for customers to pick the time of the order delivery.

After: The Result

In the very first week, the webshop had an enormous number of visits. The webshop continues to operate today, with a large number of visitors. You can find the details on the past 30 days below.