We Reached CPAs Under 1€ In Google And Facebook Campaigns

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Melarox is a 100% Romanian company that sells home appliances and IT equipment. For them, We Reached CPAs Under 1 Eur In Google And Facebook Campaigns

Melarox is a 100% Romanian company that sells home appliances and IT equipment, with over 17 years of experience in e-commerce. They have over 1 million products on the website.

The main reason why they chose us as an agency was to help them increase the number of orders on the website. Their goal was to increase the number of leads at the lowest possible cost.

How was the strategy formed?

There are many challenges for e-commerce websites despite the fact that we are living in a digital age. Competition is fierce and you have millions of shopping options. With a good digital marketing strategy in Google Ads or Facebook Ads people can reach your products easily.

So, we chose options for sales-oriented campaigns, such as shopping or dynamic campaigns, where we highlighted the products.

Were strategic decisions made based on your experience and expertise, competitive research, etc.?

Because we are talking about an online store with a lot of products, we had to filter all the categories and focus more on the profitable products taking into account the campaign budgets we had.

An important factor was the fact that we divided the product categories and optimized the campaigns differently depending on the type of product.

What project(s) were launched as part of the strategy?

The shopping campaign had an important role,  where we get over 90 conversions in the last period, but also the brand campaign, where we obtained very good results and a very good cost per conversion.

For example, in the shopping campaign, we reach a conversion value of about 1.597€ and we spent under 1€

What was the most successful project?

So far, the most profitable campaign is the brand campaign, where we get very good results at low costs. We also have great results with Facebook campaigns which are targeted by audiences interested in the products.

In the last period, we reach 307 conversions under 1€ CPA.

In the beginning, we had around 15-20 conversions per week, but after several steps of optimisation, we reached in the last month over 90 conversions per week.

In the Facebook campaigns, we built several audiences and the best results were reached in the fitness campaigns, 234 purchases and under 1€ CPA.

Were there any unexpected issues that you overcame?

The biggest challenge was related to a large number of products compared to the daily budget allocated by the customer in the campaigns. But, through a good strategy, we managed to obtain good results on several product segments: household appliances, beauty products, PC hardware, etc.

Did we refine the strategy to improve results?

Continuous optimization of the campaigns led to these results. We constantly monitored campaigns and made quick decisions to reach where we wanted.

How did you and the client work together?

Communication is frequent, mainly by email with this client. We regularly discuss the evolution of campaigns and frequently send new recommendations for future strategies.

Was there a lot of collaboration or was the client more hands-off?

(Many prospective clients are curious about what their level of involvement in your process would look like.)

There is close collaboration, we are constantly discussing, so as to reach the best results. The client is always receptive to our proposals and constantly sends us all the materials we need.

What did you learn during the engagement?

During this engagement, we learned that you have to search which products are most profitable for the customer from a large number of products. With this in mind then you have to think about how you can achieve the best results with the available budget.

Any takeaways?

The client satisfaction, who at first was skeptical about the potential of Google Ads campaigns.