Web App Development for Cancer Screening Tests

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The client came up with this new innovative idea of creating a Web Application that can help many people all together to get tested for cancer online.

About the Case

The client came up with this new innovative idea of creating a Web Application that can help many people all together to get tested for cancer online. What they had in mind is to introduce an all-new idea of Cancer Checkup without going to hospitals waiting and paying long bills for Cancer tests. They want to make an easier way to determine if people are prone to cancer or not.

With this thought, they approached us to came up with a practically possible solution and to receive our quality services.

What did they want?

  • Execution of the idea into reality, as soon as possible.
  • A web app to find out the possibility of having cancer in users online.

Problems & Hurdles

There were a lot of challenges faced by our team during the process, we tackled them differently to get the desired outcome. The idea given by our client was obviously remarkable but also it was very difficult to design & develop a web app that can process online cancer tests on the basis of the information provided by the users.

Overcoming Problems

We came up with many suitable alternatives for the problem and chose the best ones.

  • The very first problem standing right in front of us was how to design a web app that can detect cancer symptoms.
  • Another problem was creating an artificial intelligence supporting the format of the website.

Final Outcome

Max Vision Solutions tackled every problem standing in their way with great expertise. We succeeded in implementing an artificial intelligence design that not only capable of detecting cancer symptoms from a set of questions but also gives 100% reliable and accurate results. This project is the first Online Detection Website ever designed with good credibility. The set of questions are designed according to the different type of people and different type of cancers under the supervision of expert oncologists, which obviously took a lot of quality research and work.

To ensure that the project is a complete solution, we added many experienced doctors holding great expertise in their respective fields so that the users can get a consultation and their queries solved at the same moment. In addition to that, our project is not only restricted to the detection of cancer, but it also provides a proper treatment plan along with the expected budget, medicines, counseling, and whatnot. To maximize the effectiveness of the project, we suggested our client in order to make the project more useful, and add more features to the web app.


Our expert team spends a good amount of time to make this project successful, with the help of our developers, designers, graphic designers, content writer, market researchers, and a team who is not ready to give up made this project what it is right now.

The client was pretty happy about the outcome, as we made it exactly what they want it to be, we made the project a complete solution, where no person returns without getting satisfied.