Webapp Design and Development for a Crowdfunding Platform

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A crowdfunding platform for the creative industry.


The crowdfunding portal DoMore was launched in 2009 as a service whose main goal was to combine donors and beneficiaries in one place. Thanks to DO MORE charity organizations could gain more funds to achieve their goals in a simple, professional and – at the same time – fully transparent way. In 2016, the authors of the project came to us to expand the DO MORE portal with functionalities that allow financing creative ideas in the field of culture and art.


After gathering customer expectations, we invited the creators of the platform to the product day, during which we thoroughly analysed their current ideas and created the product specification. One of the basic assumptions was to control the information flow on the platform strictly and to ensure that the quality of the auctions was maintained. Due to cooperation with foreign investors, the platform had to be developed in a few language versions. Additionally, the project included:

  • Developing accurate project documentation.
  • Designing application wireframes and flows.
  • Developing a complete web application.
  • Developing the dedicated back-end of the application.
  • Developing the administration panel to manage and administer the application.


The application was developed within 20 weeks. The work mode comprised 2-week sprints on the basis of the accurate project documentation. At the end of each sprint, the client was receiving operational part of the software, which he could test externally. Currently, the application is still being developed and supported by our team, whose size matches the changing needs of the client.