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Web & Mobile SaaS Product Development for UK Employment Market

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Cost-saving service that provides businesses with the possibility to find, book, and pay short-term workers directly.


Hiring a temp worker is a great way of reducing staffing costs and maintaining high productivity rates. Nonetheless, recruiting temporary employees, using staffing agencies is an expensive service, so some companies may neglect it. Grafter is a cost-saving service that provides businesses with a possibility to find, book, and pay short-term workers directly, avoiding inconvenient intermediaries. On the other hand, if you are a contingent worker, who can’t find a job, Grafter will assist you as well.

Development Approach

The team realized that the application would be potentially used by dozens of thousands of people, who would use it to find employees or employers. Therefore, organizing an efficient and convenient search was one of the primary challenges that developers faced. For this purpose, the team used the Elasticsearch engine and AWS cloud service to store all the data.

Results Achieved

Grafter is an online worker network where employers and employees can interact and arrange work. Currently, the project covers 6 industries: Building & Construction, Farming & Landscaping, Leisure & Events, Industry & Business, Driving & Logistics, General & Other, which includes retail and cleaning services as well. Besides, Grafter provides 3 different solution options so businesses of any size can use it depending on their requirements:

  • “Self-service” or “pay as you go” online solution designed for a single user with a business.
  • Subscription-based “enterprise solution” that grants a whole specter of options to manage a higher volume of Grafters with multiple business users.
  • The “bespoke solution” that grants a set of software interfaces and services in addition to the regular Grafter user experience.