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About the Project is a site developed from scratch for the “Суши&Лапша” delivery service, which operates in three cities of Ukraine: Kharkov, Odessa and Dnipro.

The idea of ​​the site: everyone can enjoy hearty and healthy dishes of Pan-Asian cuisine every day without leaving their home or office.


The online store was developed using a stack of technologies React.js, Node.js, bitrix framevork & ZALP and is a whole web application: Progressive Web Application, which has a bright design and user-friendly interface.


The site has developed separate sections for each type of dish so that the site visitor can easily find exactly the delicacy that he likes by simply clicking on the category of interest.

In the product card of each dish, you can see not only a beautiful image but also the composition with a brief description of the preparation.

And the ordering process itself is even faster. It is enough just to click on the button: “I want”, and the product is already “flying” to your basket. After that, you should fill in your data, or log in if you are not the first time on the site. After that, click on the button: “Place an order”, and within two minutes you will be called back for confirmation. If, however, you order not for the first time, you can refuse to call back.

Also, together with the site, three chatbots were developed: Telegram, Viber and Facebook, for the convenience of your favorite clients)

And now – the order is confirmed, the dish is prepared, and the courier is already rushing to you “in full sail”, and the exact delivery time has arrived in the chatbot.

In order for the courier to never be late and deliver the dish on time, we have developed a separate automated system called “ZALP”, which is able to distribute orders between couriers without the help of logisticians, but more on that later.