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Web design, Content creation and promotion for the international educational platform for learning English – NOVAKID

Client: Novakid online school of English language learning

Service required

Website building and content creation from scratch for the online educational platform, NOVAKID.


To expand the recognition of an American online school in the Russian Market, which is highly competitive.

Our Approach

Analyzing the market of online schools

  • We analysed the online educational platforms market in Russia.
  • We drafted infographics to understand the level of popularity and recognition of the online schools would gain respectively within a year or two.
  • We coordinated with the franchise owner in order to understand the perspectives of opening the school and popularizing it.

Coordination with the client

  • A thorough discussion with the client was hosted to understand the type of design and layout of the site including the content scheduled for creation.
  • Features like media integration, color coordination and functions were brainstormed intensively.

Drafting of website and layout

  • We created a draft layout and design of the website.
  • We also brainstormed the outlook of every page of the website.
  • We discussed color coordination — a vital factor (color and formatting should match the brand and the nature of the business or the purpose it is intended to serve).

Content planning

  • It was critical for us to create the content in the native language of Russia so as to give a crystal clear understanding of the services of the school.
  • Our specialists created draft content for each service, corresponding to its website page.
  • The content layout was structured in a coherent manner to make the navigation experience convenient for the visitor.
  • We created and published articles and blogs describing the school’s achievements.
  • A story was published about the school’s process of expansion outside the US and entering the international market.

Recitifications and modifications

  • A discussion with the client was held which serves the purpose of adding relevant content or removing redundant content.
  • The client’s recommendation regarding the website layout was also a priority in this case as we modified the design, the colors and the layouts.

Commencement of the project

  • Once we have the final consent from the client, we start working on the project
  • Estimation of the cost and the time is borne in mind and the task is completed on the agreed deadline.

Technology used

Our specialists used WordPress & HTML programs to build an interactive website integrated with social media links, video and audio file uploading and email subscriptions.

Goals achieved

  • Every template we created reflected the core design.
  • The content gave the parents (the school’s clients) an expressive understanding of the services that the school offers in taking care of the child’s academic needs in the most effective manner.

Impact and results

  • 70,000 visitors read the articles out of which 20,000 visited the website.
  • 250,000 students registered themselves for the demo lessons.
  • 200,000 students signed up for the courses and successfully enrolled themselves; this was a huge breakthrough for the company’s reputation and recognition in the global market.
  • More than 150 students signed up for the long-term monthly courses driving sales every month.