Website Development & Maintenance for DANA GAS

Zoom Digital
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Zoom Digital created the next generation of DANA GAS’s requested Web UI.

Client Background

Founded in the year 2005, Dana Gas is the foremost biggest private sector company dealing in natural gas in the Middle East and is highlighted listed on the Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange. The company is a financially disciplined company concentrated on profitable growth by effectively operating assets and equalizing capital costs with cash flow generated from operations and revenue accumulation from its customers.

The Challenge

The major challenge of the project was the establishment of Dana Gas’s new version of the web, altering the system’s utter backend architecture along with the technology bundle. The old version involved an obsolete design of UX and UI that was not able to achieve satisfactory performance due to the fact that it scarcely fascinated current visitors. The WordPress website, therefore, needed a refresh to change it. The new website was intended not only to escalate user experience as well as the performance of the website but also to reveal the company as a natural gas leader in the Middle East.

Our Role

Zoom Digital created the next generation of their requested Web UI. After testing the system we decided to recreate the backend portion of it and apply modern, performant solutions. We recreated the database architecture along with redefining the user experience. We also included upgraded functionalities, Later on, we have even created a new version of the website which ensured the highest level of performance.

Win-win Results

Zoom Digital created the most flexible betting platform. Dana Gas is now capable of freely developing as well as tuning functionalities on its website. The alterations also had a tremendous impact on the application’s execution. The just-created website was very effectively received by the visitors. With a revamped website, Dana Gas and its customers are best able to toggle features as well as customize the product in a very fascinating and instinctive manner.