Website for Avantgarde Real Estate Agency

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The website can be divided into four parts. The corporate part, landing pages for key services, feature stories, and a property catalog.

The website can be divided into four parts:

  • a corporate part: the story about the company and team members, contact details, the customers’ feedback, vacancies; questions and answers are also placed here;
  • landing pages for key services: ‘ Sell’, ‘Buy’, ‘Exchange’;
  • feature stories;
  • and a property catalog, the coolest part of the website.

The Solution

We started working on the project with designing a customer journey map: defined the touch points between the customer and the company and explored in details the ones relevant to the site development.

We also discussed the inner workings, in particular, how the leads move around the company. This affected the configuration of the forms and functionalities of the agents’ landing pages.

For a more detailed case study, please follow the link below.