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GHP Pulse helps people find a doctor and arrange treatment in Germany. The website is aimed at being a useful tool for searching doctors and clinics.

The new site is aimed at being a useful tool for searching doctors and clinics specialized in specific diseases.
It is also important:

  • to provide users in a convenient form with the information required for them to make a decision about contacting GHP Pulse;
  • to maintain the image of GHP Pulse as a trustworthy and responsible company.


The homepage contains brief information that helps users outline an initial opinion about GHP Pulse as well as about clinics and doctors whose services the company offers.

Clinic Page and Doctor Page

This section tells users about the benefits of the clinic, the main areas and the costs of treatment. The page is also supplied with brief information about the doctors of the clinic.

The detailed information about the doctor can be obtained by clicking on the doctor card. All the doctors are presented with their own pages on the site. Here, users can learn about the specialization of the doctor, work experience, research activities, etc.

Page of Diseases

This page contains details about clinics and doctors who carry out treatment of a specific disease. Here, users can be acquainted with the features of treatment and send a request for costs or a second opinion.

Section “Cases of Treatment”

Visitors can be familiarized with real cases of treatment in each area of medicine. Here, they can learn not only about the diagnosis and treatment process but also about doctors who carried out the treatment as well as about estimated costs.



GHP Pulse assists in search of doctors and clinics for different areas of medicine. That is why it was important to pay much attention to structuring the information. For example, we added three types of menu to the site: at the header, at the footer and the burger menu.

The header menu places the areas that are of GHP Pulse top priority.

Hovering the cursor over a specific area makes visible a drop-down menu with a list of diseases in the chosen area. The diseases are divided into groups, and it makes the navigation quite simple. The drop-down menu also provides users with the option to go to the treatment cases from this area.

The burger menu and the footer menu depict all the areas the company works in.

We placed the link “Find out a second opinion” separately at the header. A second opinion is a remote consultation that can be carried out by leading German doctors. By clicking on the link, users get to the page where they can learn more about services and send a request for a consultation.


The website pages are featured with multiple links. For example, a clinic page may be associated with several pages of diseases and doctors. In turn, the doctor page is related to the clinic page as well as to several pages of diseases and treatment cases. The disease page may be linked to several pages of doctors and clinics as well as to several pages of treatment cases.