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Healthcare platform built and designed for Pi Healthcare, where virtual seminars could be hosted for their clients.

About the Client

Pi Healthcare is an experienced company dedicated to delivering KOL & stakeholder strategies for the global healthcare/device/biotech & pharmaceutical industries.

Taking cultural nuances into account and driven by innovative technologies, Pi Healthcare builds valuable strategic market research analysis and solutions for global, international and national organisations in the healthcare community, empowering them to gain deeper, high-level, influential insights into stakeholder mapping, and to develop relevant stakeholder plans.

The Challenge

For businesses that used to host a considerable number of face-to-face events, COVID-19 has dealt the worst blow. Pi Healthcare needed to act swiftly to confront this challenge with a digital approach that diminished the inconvenience of meeting in person; whether it was due to commuting or the concern of virus transmission. On the other hand, Pi Healthcare wanted to enable clients to access their seminars whenever available, rather than waiting for a live event at a fixed date or hour.

The Solution

Appetite Creative Solutions designed and built a healthcare platform for Pi Healthcare, where they could host virtual seminars through pre-recorded videos around trendy healthcare-related topics for their clients.

The platform is fully secure and users have to first be invited in order to access it. Through the admin dashboard Appetite created, Pi Healthcare had complete control over who to invite. The dashboard gave them the ability to send out automated emails containing unique codes to access the platform, with just a click of a button.

At the end of each video, users were quizzed with 2-3 questions. If they selected a wrong answer, the platform would then prompt them to re-watch the video again, in order to assure that they gained the right knowledge from the videos.

The platform minimized the inflexibility of having in-person events at specific hours that might not suit everyone, by offering the opportunity to sign-up for live seminars at the end of the quiz submissions. The platform gathered all comments and questions that users had while watching the pre-recorded videos, to then be addressed later in the live seminars.

Most excitingly, the platform had an admin system that allowed Pi Healthcare to collect user data such as the length of time users had been on the site, which videos users had viewed and if they watched until the end, which questions were answered correctly and which were not, in order to see how users engaged with the platform and thusly how to improve the overall experience for next time. All the data was recorded in the dashboard backend, readily at Pi Healthcare’s disposal.


The platform turned out to be a success! With more than 95% of invited users being converted into registered users, and with 90% actually signing up for the virtual seminars, the platform developed by Appetite Creative helped Pi Healthcare solve the inconvenience of face-to-face events at this stage.

The platform allowed Pi Healthcare the ability to easily switch between the conferences for Brussels and Tel Aviv — effortlessly separating the data collected on the dashboard. There was also a significant boost in video views since the launch of the platform, with an increase of more than 5,000 in total, more than 700 were full video views.