Wiredelta & GAME Academy – breaking the rules of WordPress

Wiredelta Denmark ApS
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We took WordPress and Woocommerce to the next level, providing GAME Academy with the unique solution they needed.

GAME Academy is both a web and a mobile development project built in partnership with the non-profit Danish organization, GAME Denmark.

Both mediums serve as a tool where staff, playmaker and the public are connected at all times. However, the core focus is on the playmakers, who are volunteers at GAME and help at-risk youth with the use of street sports.


For the web platform, we used WordPress, because it is highly customizable, user-friendly and affordable. The mobile app is wrapped in Ionic, but we used PHP to build the backend because the app needs to communicate in real-time with the web platform. This way, whenever GAME admin staff make a content change on the web platform, the app automatically updates.


For translations, we implemented the WordPress Multilingual plugin (WPML) which allows GAME admins to add, edit or remove any translation they want on more than 20 languages.

Pushing the Limits of Woocommerce

Because of GAME’s particular needs, we changed WooCommerce’s core functionalities to fit our needs. As a result, in this situation, the plugin is a dynamic, complex search tool that helps playmakers find and prepare their practices. Aside from that they can add their plan to the box and save it for later or print it in both short and detailed versions so they can take it with them wherever they go.

The Reporting Tool

This plugin is a custom-built plugin that helps staff and playmakers create reports for events like the GAME finals or simple practices. The reports keep GAME updated with the community’s progress as well as issues that may occur, absentees, etc. Also dynamic, the reporting form is unique for every country the playmakers are registered in, depending on what information GAME requires in each GAME house.