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For WOLACO, a fitness apparel brand from NYC, we created an eCommerce website that is both a shop and a platform for showcasing creative content.

Expanding the Way of Life

WOLACO is a New York City company that creates essential fitness apparel for modern athletes. Their products are popular among runners, gym goers, trail hikers, cyclists and athletes looking to train for sport.

Showcasing Stories, Showcasing Products

They tasked us with imagining a digital space that is both an e-commerce store, as well as an area to showcase great creative content such as videos, images, written work and podcasts.

Elevating the Modern Athlete

This new redesigned website needed to improve four important aspects:

1. How products are displayed on the page

2. How content is displayed on the page

3. The customer journey for most popular products

4. The buying experience from item selection to cart to purchase

Growing with Intention

The entire idea of the website revolves around WOLACO’s goals of being true to their mission and being true to their users by creating innovative and efficient performance apparel that empowers the pursuit of an active way of life.

From Instagram to Website

We drew inspiration for the new website from WOLACO’s Instagram profile, where they post high-quality photos that perfectly describe the lifestyle of a modern athlete. We incorporated that type of lifestyle photos into every aspect of the new website – from the homepage and blogs, to categories and single products.

Streamlining the Conversion Funnel

By providing users with different types of content and photos, as well as different paths to reach conversion, the website is optimized for all types of users. Those who know exactly what they want to buy and want to do is as fast as possible, and those who want to browse around and gather info before they proceed to checkout.

Customizing Shopify to Maximize UX/UI

As the website needed to be integrated with Shopify, we developed custom plugins that enabled us to modify every aspect of product presentation, like choosing product color and size, and adding to cart without the need to enter the single product page.

Explore the complete Wolaco e-commerce website on wolaco.com

Scope of Work


  1. Analytics Data Research
  2. Content Analysis
  3. Social Media Research
  4. E-Commerce Practices


  1. Persona Development
  2. Information Architecture
  3. User Experience
  4. E-Commerce Presentation


  1. Art Direction
  2. Visual Moodboards
  3. UX & UI Design
  4. Interaction Design


  1. Front-end Development
  2. Back-end Development
  3. Shopify Customization

Quality Assurance

  1. Usability Testing
  2. Performance Testing
  3. Functionality Testing