Wolfkeeper University Platform Development

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C-DOG makes high-quality dog training available, affordable and accessible by providing video lessons by a leading global master.

About the Client

Wolfkeeper University makes Dog-Training more accessible via an Android or iOS App. The online platform consists of dog training video lessons based on five different subjects. DOGA – (Yoga for Dogs), Obedience, Agility, Behaviour, and Therapy. The videos are 5 – 7 minutes long and presented in a simple format to train any dog on a variety of activities, initiatives, and tricks to enjoy and enhance the mutual relationship between Dog and Dog owner.

Project Brief

Dog training services comparable to these usually cost thousands of dollars and available only in a few urban areas. The company wanted to make these training sessions available, affordable, accessible, scalable and sustainable. We helped develop a complete online platform and mobile application for Wolfkeeper University. Experts deliver training sessions online for training dogs on behaviour, obedience, and agility. Users can access the training videos anytime, anywhere.


  • An online global dog training platform.
  • High-quality dog training videos by leading Global Master Toriano.
  • Features to register the dog and connect with other dog owners on campus.
  • Get news from Wolfkeeper University.
  • The ability to train dogs by watching videos and discussing various topics with other dog owners.
  • The ability to download apps on Android or Apple devices and start learning!