WooCommerce Custom Development for a High-end Brand

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PF redesigned a site for a photo-ecom site. They worked on the store’s integration, blog, & podcast and provided templates for the product categories.

Project summary

PurpleFire redesigned a website for a photography tools and training platform. They worked on the store’s integration, blog, and podcast and provided different templates for the product categories.

Client Challenge

We wanted our website to have a fresher design to meet the demands of the current market. As a complex project with many custom-made elements inside of WordPress, it was crucial to count on experienced developers so the site didn’t get bloated with too much JavaScript code and affected our metrics performance for Google Ranking. They presented us with a fresh design, with a very neat UI, integration for the store, blog and podcast; also different templates for the product categories, and ongoing support.

How did we communicate with the client throughout the work?

The entire project was managed via Slack, with ongoing video calls to discuss specific details. We had a test server in which the new site design was being tested, so that way we didn’t interrupt our operations. One crucial item was to test the site as a customer, so that way we were able to review which aspects customers may be driven away and how to fix them — and PurpleFire was amazing with that as they immediately addressed the issue, and proposed a new solution (sometimes several) for us to test again. For the email marketing elements, PSD files were delivered to us as mockups.

Client responses

1. What happened to your eCommerce project after the project was delivered?

After launching the new site the conversion rate significantly increased. For us, the key element of this project was to increase the security layers for our customer’s data, and that went even beyond our expectations.

2. What did you think of ProjectFire communication throughout the development process?

We had Skype/Slack calls, and Slack workspace to discuss the entire project so our team could also give feedback on the different areas of this project. And whenever we reported an issue, that was done via email, with less than 2 hrs between the response time with a solution.

3. What did you find most impressive or unique about this company?

The down-to-earth approach so people that are not familiar with web development can easily understand what’s being created or changed at any stage of the project.