WorkBenchVR: Industrial AR Solution

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Through WorkBenchVR, provide a white-labelable framework for efficient and effective deployment of Hololens-based AR tools to optimize workflows.

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CemtrexVR WorkbenchVR provides a white-label framework for the efficient and effective deployment of Hololens-Based AR tools to optimize industrial assembly workflows.

WorkbenchVR optimizes the assembly process with holographic step-by-step assembly guides, interactive holographic resources, collectivized floor data, smart tool integrations and easy inter-staff communication for guiding and/or troubleshooting.

A select number of facilities are participating in the WorkbenchVR pilot program, as of late 2018, deploying bespoke solutions in optimizing their workflows. If a fix and/or adjustment is needed, CemtrexLabs is on standby prepared to ensure no lapse in efficiency. If you are interested in becoming a selected partner, please reach out.