Wristo Web Develoment & Product Design

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Wristo is a healthcare smartwatch that helps to take care of your senior parents or relatives most respectfully and discreetly


Wristo is a website created for promotion and popularization of a new device called Wristo. The website is working in responsive and adaptive format and is prepared for a future service.

Wristo is a smart wristband; an ecosystem which enables 24/7 connectivity between senior citizens and their caregivers. This ecosystem (which we call WristoTM) consists of a wearable bracelet worn by a senior person as well as a portal and mobile application used by their caregivers to manage the bracelet remotely, get readings about the wearer’s well-being data and location, set reminders such as medication and appointments, store and analyze data. The system has a few unique features not available from other products in this segment:

  • The bracelet has its own SIM card and therefore is fully autonomous. It does not require a paired smartphone.
  • Its open architecture allows to add additional peripheral devices and sensors, eventually allowing to create a truly “internet of things” based product. The examples are ECG sensors, remote indoor temperature monitors and many others.
  • All the settings and functions can be managed remotely by caregiver which makes it very friendly for senior users.
  • The system is suitable for both private use (e.g. senior citizen and their relative who take care for them) and institutional caregivers such as home care agencies.
  • The architecture allows to store all the data in the cloud and analyze them in order to create valuable information for caregivers, medical professionals etc.
  • The website will help you understand how this new device works, advantages and functionality of Wristo. On the page, you can find more information about Wristo creators. Main functionality allows you to order the Wristo models using simple pre-order form.
  • You can contact creators by sending your questions or suggestions using the contact form or find more information in the FAQ section.


“While developing the page we used the HTML5 approach. HTML5 Form Validation functionality is secure and simple to use; you do not have to add own scripts as everything is ready for you. HTML5 video tag supports all modern browsers including Internet Explorer 11 and allows you to apply own video players. We implemented CSS3 features to create a navigation panel, which improved page performance. Also, we used the jQuery library to create a dynamic page and Ajax requests for integration of client and server-side.”

– Vitaliy A., Front-end Developer

“We didn’t use any JavaScript frameworks on client’s side, that’s why we decided to implement standard RoR approach. The page templates were created and processed on server-side using RoR operators. I would recommend this approach for teams with strong Ruby on Rails expertise.”

– Sophia N., Back-end Developer