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XRETEH offers the best AR app for architects, making the design process easier and more efficient.

Xreteh is a Romanian Start-up based in Baia Mare, Romania. They offer Augmented Reality solutions in different fields of activity. The best-augmented reality/ AR application for architects. With our app, you can overlay digital designs onto physical spaces in real-time, allowing you to get a more accurate sense of how your project will look when it’s finished.

We make it easy for architects to experiment with different design ideas and get feedback from colleagues and clients in real time. Augmented Reality is changing the way architects design and visualize their projects. XRETEH offers the best AR app for architects, making the design process easier and more efficient.

The product

We helped our client by creating Web & Mobile Applications for his Augment Reality Idea. The application allows the
existence of several types of users. The application administrator has access to the entire platform and all its
functionalities. Partners are invited to the app by admins. They include architects, teachers, engineers, and many others who can use augmented reality in their work. End users can check the 3D models in the app, can play with them, and can experience a different reality in their day-by-day tasks. The app operates on a monthly or annual subscription basis, which users can purchase from within the app or through partners. There is a free subscription that allows users to discover the app for free.

Project context

The web & mobile application allows all types of users to experience life through Augmented Reality. It allows architects to present different types of buildings, arts, etc and other professions like biology teachers to present the human body via technology in classes.

The challenge

  • Subscription Module
  • Types of Users
  • Stripe payment
  • Marketplace
  • Pair the mobile application with the 3D glass

Developed modules

  • Admin Module
  • Partner Module
  • Client Module
  • End User Module
  • Subscription Module
  • Payment Module
  • Costum Fields Module
  • Partner Tiers Module
  • Market Place Module