Xunlei Onecloud – Cloud Storage & Digital Currency Mining Machine

Dragon Social Limited
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We developed a comprehensive strategy to target users across social media channels to drive brand awareness and sales for Xunlei’s new product.


Combining blockchain technology and shared-computing, XunLei (迅雷) launched their product OneCloud. OneCloud is a private cloud disk that can provide fast download, storage/retrieval, file management, remote control, multimedia entertainment and other functions. Users of the product can also join the OneThing Rewards Program, where users can share idle bandwidth and be rewarded with Xunlei’s digital currency.


  • Generate 30 million USD in revenue by selling 500k OneCloud Devices.
  • To increase the stock price of Xunlei on the Nasdaq Stock Exchange.


Dragon Social optimized exposure for OneCloud on different social media platforms. We ensured the outreach to the brand’s core target audience via our targeted marketing approach. Beyond traditional social media such as Weibo and WeChat in China, we also created content designed to appeal to specific personas identified by the Xunlei marketing team. For XunLei, we focused on China’s hottest financial and blockchain technology websites including Xueqiu.com (雪球), GeekPark, etc.

As one of the platforms known for its educated and technology-focused user base, we focused heavily Zhihu (知乎) to promote the OneCloud project in China. We also created content and launched further KOL campaigns on WeChat & Weibo.

Through these various channels, we were able to reach the company’s target customers through multiple channels, resulting in a strong presence on social media, digital media, and search. This helped to build trust and get the word out about the benefits of the product and how to purchase it.

Channels Used

  • Zhihu: China’s go to question & answer platform. Most often compared to Quora.com. Zhihu has over 26 million daily active users as of 2017 and a total of 160 million registered users. Zhihu users tend to be more educated and have higher purchasing power on average than users on other platforms. Since the platform encourages engagement it gave us opportunities to answer some of the most pressing questions about the product directly to users.
  • Xueqiu: Xueqiu is a social media platform specifically geared toward those in the financial industry or those seeking investment advice. Due to the nature of the platform users are highly educated and very active. As of 2018, the platform had 12 million monthly active users, a sizeable number considering how niche the platform is.
  • Digital Media: Digital media plays an important part in building trust in China. We ensured that the product was featured in multiple popular 3rd-party media sites to create an echo-chamber effect, where users were constantly seeing positive news surrounding the product.
  • WeChat & Weibo: As a Chinese company Xunlei had already developed these channels significantly. We were able to utilize their past momentum in building these pages to seed content. We also boosted the reach of the content with further KOL campaigns.


  • USD $160 Million in Sales from Selling over 2 Million Models
  • USD $1.6 Million raised from crowdfunding platforms promoted in posts
  • 200,000 Positive reviews from customers on JD.com