YouTube Analytics, Optimization and Tracking SaaS Application

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The project goal was to develop YouTube marketing SaaS for analyzing, optimizing and tracking performance.


CodeRiders team worked on the development process of Rankify Analytics and built a software which is a useful tool for YouTube marketers. We still make new features on it periodically. So far we have already completed functionalities like:

  • Tracking videos and channels
  • Advanced rank tracking
  • Clickability calculator
  • SEO module
  • Competitor analysis
  • Thumbnail A/B testing
  • DeepDive advanced search module
  • Performance analysis
  • Tracking subscriber views
  • Integrated cross-channel calendar
  • Keywords for ranking better
  • Collecting various data through YouTube API (views, watch time, likes, comments, description, age, etc.)


PHP, JavaScript, Rest API development, YouTube API, Google API, Bootstrap