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Next-gen philanthropy.


Revolutionary philanthropy

Yuma came to us as an idea – what if you could turn things into vaccines? Mosquito nets? Food for the hungry? What if you could donate your goods to an auction online, and the money would go directly to the cause of your choice? We knew the app design and the brand would have to embody the sentiment of the idea.


Capturing the vision

When choosing the name, Yuma, Arizona stood out as the sunniest place on earth. We wanted to bring the heat, excitement, and joy of the sun into the brand, turning it into the face of its accompanying “do-gooder” movement – bringing everyone the ability to do good with easy philanthropy.


What’s next

Yuma is now an exciting brand, with its vision present in all of its collateral and it’s soon-to-be released site. The strong brand and ideology present throughout are a requisite for engaging socially active audiences to donate their things and join the “do-gooder” movement.