Zaporizhstal AR Application

OSOM Agency
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We have developed an AR mobile application for the biggest steel manufacturer in Ukraine much more interactive.

Main Task

For the corporate calendar of the Zaporizhstal Metallurgical Combine, it was necessary to develop a mobile application with augmented reality that would make the printed products more interactive and exciting.


On the main image of the calendar 9 icons were made, which differently characterize Zaporizhstal as a brand. We decided to “revive” these icons so that when you hover the camera on the calendar, these icons are in the form of buttons that can be clicked, after which a window with a video and description will appear.

Since the development of augmented reality applications is still quite a new thing, it is very important to tell users how to use the application and where to look for markers for AR. For these purposes, when you first started the application, we made a simple instruction that will allow everyone to understand the application.

The remaining design elements tell the user what to do at each stage. When you scan a marker, 3D button icons appear that, when clicked, open a pop-up window with video and text.