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Project & portfolio management cloud application developed in collaboration with experienced managers helps to control projects easier.


Inefficient, cumbersome, costly and restrictive PPM tools together with poor practice and lack of governance are the reasons for repeated project failures, poor results, and cost/time overruns.


Zeno.PM helps drive projects and programs, reduce PM/PMO administration and enhance the visibility of change activities across the enterprise. The focus on data re-use and quality contributes to the development of the best practice organizational change, efficient project reporting, and governance. We helped design Zeno.PM to be the product a user can quickly trial with minimal configuration, risk, and cost. Zeno.PM saves the project community time, reduces administration effort and allows them to manage, not react.

For this purpose, we’ve developed from scratch: 

1. Project Gantt and Program Gantt (one of the most popular and useful ways of showing activities (tasks or events) displayed against time);

2. Program Risk Quadrant (visual view of project risks with the ability to drag and drop into different quadrants);

3. Messenger (in-build chat for project community);

4. Dependency SPOT Map (representation of dependencies between enterprise projects of various budget scale);

5. Budget Editor (a tool that helps managers to plan and manage project budgets; moreover, it was remade to add new features);

6. Chatbot (to help the users navigate and interact with Zeno.PM);

7. Project and Personal Kanban Board (the implemented functionality is very similar to Trello but also is connected to all Project items (like Actions, Issues, Risks), syncs with them; currently we are working on the integration with the app’s Messenger);

9. Email Notification System;

10. Pipeline/Ideas Management (functionality to manage and discuss the ideas, which will become the Projects in the Future);

11. Home Dashboard

Quick access to the key project & portfolio management tools in one place is a great time saver for a user. Starting the work from the home screen is much easier than opening multiple tabs & switching between them.

12. Admin Portal

The portal has been developed using Angular 9 and Angular Material to adjust the application settings according to the organization’s needs.


The team of professional managers Level35 was looking for a partner to help achieve their product vision and the Jellyfish team was up for the challenge. We have been working closely with Level35 to increase the development speed and implementation of new features into Zeno.PM to meet their customer’s requirements.

Using Angular 9 and Angular Material to create a consistent and beautiful user interface components (navigation, data tables, buttons, etc.), we are building a simple and friendly working environment.