Zero to 100,000 Visitors in 2 Months

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We outline the process he used to successfully build up traffic for a brand-new website – without using any tricks or hacks.

What We Achieved

Today, we want to share the process we’ve developed to earn links and visibility and to increase the web traffic for our news – media client. We’ll walk through how we built a site’s SEO strategy from the ground up — growing from zero visitors to 100,000 — and share key takeaways that can apply to your own strategy.

What We Did

The general outline of our strategy was:

  1. Start fast and take advantage of “easy wins.”
  2. Focus on strategic links to important pages.
  3. Establish passive link acquisition channels to build momentum.
  4. Be intentional about news, content creation and its impact on search.
  5. Level up over time, and target higher-value opportunities.
  6. Focus on the present audiences in different present countries.
  7. Create strategic campaigns to increase the targeted countries audience and higher the traffic.
  8. Use ad retargeting to bring back those who ignored it the first time.
  9. Use benefit-driven headlines to create desire and interest.
  10. Create the best piece of content in existence for our topic (see the Skyscraper Technique).
  11. Create a lead magnet and use it to collect email subscribers.
  12. Build backlinks through reverse engineering your competitors’ profiles, taking advantage of link gaps, roundups, and resource pages.
  13. Reach out to people who have linked to similar content before and send them highly personalized, valuable outreach emails asking for links.
  14. Do keyword research for future articles, be sure to target groups of keywords instead of just one. Focus on creating valuable, well-optimized content regularly.
  15. Use our Garraje SEO research tools to understand the audience with a focus on long-tail keywords. Picking a primary keyword with 10,000-15,000 monthly searches and a number of secondary keywords. Include them in all the usual places.

We didn’t use any secret tricks or hacks to grow traffic. Rather, we invested in building quality content, and we implemented various link acquisition strategies to match each stage of the project. As the site grew, so did our expectations and goals.