ZIHER.HR – Responsive Portal for Cultural Promotion

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Web development and design for an Arts & Culture Portal in Croatia, as well as ongoing tech support.

The Background

Neuralab was approached by the co-founder and the marketing and PR officer of a web portal dedicated to culture — anything from movies to books — in Croatia and worldwide.

The Challenge

The company needed help with the technical development of the web portal and ongoing support for it. It was important to have content optimization. This was the first portal of its kind on the Croatian market, so Neuralab did something extraordinary in this sense.

The Solution

The Scope of the Involvement

Neuralab provided design, programming, and support for the company’s website.

The site is interactive and aims to encourage readers to give their opinions on certain works such as albums, concerts, and so on. In the future, there will be additional features like a newsletter, and Neuralab is the technical support provider. There are more than 40 active writers on the website and a huge number of users, which isn’t easy to maintain.

The Team Dynamic

The company worked with Krešimir Končić, the CEO, the designers, and the coders. The team has been supportive anytime there was a technical issue or another challenge. Krešimir is there to help, no matter what the time of day is.

Who Found Whom?

The company was looking to build a modern website, one which was unusual for the Croatian market, and thus for a company which could this. The company came across Neuralab and got into contact. After speaking to Krešimir, it was decided that he was the person the company wanted to work with.

There was a dedication to create something different and Neuralab team treated the company like their most important client, even though it wasn’t – and still isn’t. The treatment Neuralab gives is equal to as if we were a big company, or even better. 

The Status of the Engagement

The cooperation started a few years ago, in 2012 or 2013.

The Results

Evidence That Demonstrates the Impact of the Engagement

Without the support and the solutions developed by Neuralab, the company wouldn’t have had anything. Having a partner like them was so important.

Since introducing the new website developed by Neuralab, the company’s business has grown by about 50%. More visitors are staying longer on the site and there is more content on it as well.

From a project management standpointNeuralab typically responds within 30 minutes of us contacting them. The team is eager to help whenever assistance is required, whether it’s during the morning or at night.

Multiple channels of communication were used, but have mainly email and phone.

The Most Impressive Part

It’s hard to find a company so dedicated to the work. Even as someone working in corporate communications for a big company in Croatia, this is the first time to meet such a responsive team as Neuralab’s.

Areas to Improve

There is always something to improve, however, Neuralab has always been dedicated to making things better for customers and end-users.