ZINC Website Development

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For Zinc, a blockchain-based advertising protocol, we designed a creative landing page with beautiful teasers that visitors can explore on-scroll.


Creating a unique website for Zinc, a blockchain-based advertising protocol was a fascinating experience for our UPQODE team. We particularly loved producing a stunning web design.

Zinc merits special attention. The company has developed a solution for an efficient redistribution of budgets spent on digital ads. The Zinc digital solution helps app developers both to increase earnings and to do better targeting for advertisers. Our digital marketing specialists appreciated the application’s benefits for digital agencies.

Client’s Need

Zinc needed an impressive, fresh and well-structured website to present their app. Our client was looking for intuitive navigation tailored to the company’s needs. A special requirement was to produce a landing page with all the information available in one click. So, clients and advertisers can quickly discover the app’s features and advantages. Zinc had an ambitious goal to reach customers and advertisers in large markets in different countries, and make their app user base grow.

Our Digital Solution

It was a great pleasure for UPQODE to work on such an innovative digital project. Our web designers and developers loved creating a freshly branded website with a colorful design. We developed an inspiring design from scratch, and we used WordPress for the backend part. Our talented designers created cool animation effects and nice modern illustrations. A bright graphic chart is inspired by the company’s futuristic approach to advertising.

We designed a creative landing page with beautiful teasers that visitors can explore on-scroll. The simple and modern landing page highlights the main target – creative and profitable app for advertisers and developers. The website contains a clear presentation of the app, its features and advantages, and a link to the download. Zinc is a multilingual website, available in English, Russian Spanish, Japanese, and Chinese. This feature underlines the great global ambition of the project.

The Result

The Zinc team is fully satisfied with its brand-new website developed by UPQODE’s designers. The landing page helped Zinc to attract more customers and expand its activity to many promising markets. The launch of the new digital platform has allowed the company to present its exceptional app in many languages to visitors all over the world. It contributed to getting more visibility and more customers as well.