Chudovo OÜ Awarded ‘Strongest in Estonia 2021’

Chudovo OU
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What Does AA Credit Rating Means For Companies?

CreditInfo administers the credit rating to companies based on three major factors;

  • Economic situation;
  • Financial situation;
  • Rating of payment habits.

The economic situation is further influenced by the company size, market size, activity, competition, development, and operational efficiency. A higher rating means that a company has got better results in all these aspects than its competitors. The financial situation is self-explanatory. It includes aspects like liquidity, self-financing, indebtedness, etc. Under rating of payment habits, CreditInfo judges the company on its debts to tax and customs board, hidden declarations, and payment defaults.

So, an AA rating for a company in Estonia means that the company is adept in all these matters and has a financially strong foundation to build a fortune. It shows that the company has a good economic condition and positive financial indicators and complies with the payment discipline. The AA credit rating is awarded to only 6.8% of the companies in the country. The best part is that CreditInfo associates its rating system with international standards. So, every rating is authentic and effective on a global level.

Chudovo OÜ awarded ‘Strongest in Estonia 2021’

In 2021, Chudovo was awarded with the Strongest in Estonia designation with a AA rating from CreditInfo. Getting this rating from one of the topmost credit rating agencies in the country is highly beneficial for this software development company. The AA rating is given to the companies that have shown a good economic and financial performance in the country. Due to the rating received in the country, Chudovo has received international recognition, propelling the company at par with the top-rated software development companies.

Only a handful of companies receive the “Strongest in Estonia” certificate. This certificate is evidence that Chudovo has a good business credit rating, and it is fit to work as per the most authentic Estonian business standards. Along with giving good credit scores, the AA awarded company is known for its contribution to the Estonian economy and enhancing honest business standards. This credit rating is also a sign of trustworthiness and comes attached with a sense of security for establishing good business relationships.