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iomico is a trusted full-cycle Internet of Things (IoT) engineering company with development centers in the EU and Latin America and an office in the US. We assist companies globally with building impactful IoT solutions powered by Edge AI, Machine Learning, and Computer Vision. iomico team has advanced network experience: BLE / Bluetooth, Zigbee, Lora / LoraWAN, RFID, NFC, LAN / Ethernet, Mesh Networks, Thread, MLM2M, GSM (LTE / 5G), Wi-Fi, etc.


Our team consists of experts in the entire vertical stack of IoT development which is hard to be found under one roof elsewhere:

– Electronics engineering (schematics; PCB design; radio-electronic parts research & selection);

– Embedded development (C, C++, Python, Embedded Android, Bare-metal, RTOS (Zephyr, FreeRTOS, Chibios), Linux (OpenWRT, uCLinux, Yocto, and stand-alone Linux applications/services/drivers), low-level programming, FPGA programming, Embedded DevOps);

– System and client-server software development (business solutions, web (Node.js, C#, .Net, Python, JavaScript (Vue.js, Angular.js, React.js)), and mobile iOS (Swift, Objective C) and Android (Java, Kotlin) programming, image, and video processing, connectivity to devices, cross-platform QT and React Native);

– Edge AI / Computer Vision (PyTorch, TensorFlow, MediaPipe, OpenCV, Deepstream). Research and development solutions for “smart” edge devices);

– Industrial Design and Mechanical Engineering (analysis & research; idea generation; visualization; modeling; computer simulations; production of the prototypes; mass production launch);
Penetration Testing (Certificates: OSCP, CISSP, CCNA Cyber Ops; Reverse Engineering; Analysis of hardware, firmware, communication, web services, application/interface).

Together we make a change!

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