Commence Your Online Business: Steps To Building an App From Scratch

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The perfect 8-step procedure to build your own mobile app.

So you have decided to build a mobile app for your business! But you don’t know how to create an app from scratch.

Don’t worry. By the end of this article, you’ll be aware of the entire process. But first, let’s go through some important facts and figures regarding online apps.

Important Statistics To Know When Making an App From Scratch

  • Consumers downloaded 204 billion apps in 2019.
  • Mobile app downloads will exceed 250 billion in 2022.
  • Social media mobile apps are the most used app category.
  • 2% of app users open an app over 100 times per day.
  • The iPhone’s App Store has 500 million weekly visits.
  • There were more than 592 million daily app downloads in 2020.
  • The reach of communication and social mobile app categories in the US is 97.9%.

By going through the above statistics, you would have gotten a confidence boost and additional motivation to develop your app. Now you know that the mammoth task of building an online app from scratch is equally rewarding for the efforts invested. Below we have mentioned a perfect 8-step procedure to build your own mobile app.

Steps To Build A Mobile App From Scratch

1. Brainstorm Your Idea

Many believe that the step is cleared by having an idea itself. But no, it is never this simple.

By brainstorming, you ensure that you have enough awareness and well-thought about every aspect of your app idea. It doesn’t need to be one hundred percent full proof at this step, but you should at least have one hundred percent faith in your vision and clarity.

For this, discuss the idea with colleagues, professionals, partners, family, friends, and most importantly, potential consumers. This will give you the idea of necessary aspects you need to take care of while also diversifying & expanding your initial idea.

Main Goal: To be sure of your entire app idea, so you shall be able to build a perfect plan with definite goals.

2. Do Extensive Market Research

Once you are firm on your app idea, you might even have a broad vision of how your business model will work. That’s why you need to do extensive market research.

Market research includes:

  • knowing what is being offered in the market by similar businesses.
  • knowing about what consumers prefer in an app.
  • different technologies available for making an app.
  • different app development companies.

You don’t want to do all the hard work and realize that you could have easily ignored a catastrophic issue in your idea by just being aware—this is why market research is important. Apart from the above points, you can research the unique, trendy, or innovative aspects of your idea.

Main goal: To take a step ahead concreting your idea into a plan by being aware of what’s happening in the market.

3. Decide On The Right Technology & Partner

Now you have an idea that’s almost turned into a plan with the decided goals and enough knowledge. So the next step is the last piece of the plan: choosing the right technology & partner. By partner, we mean the contracted app development team or company.

Now there’s no perfect way of doing this:

  • You can choose either the technology first and then a partner accordingly.
  • Or you can choose the partner to be consulted upon the technology.

The catch here lies in your company (or business partners). If you have reliable professionals who have enough knowledge of mobile apps, they can help you choose or list down the right technology(s). Then you can scout for the best partners in the arena.

On the other hand, if you don’t have any experience or anyone experienced in app development. Scout, a company with expertise in multiple technologies that can consult and develop for you. Thus this can be termed as the most important concern when figuring out how to create an app from scratch.

Main goal: To finalize the plan and have the best team to work with.

4. Wireframe & Prototype

Now it’s time for actual development. But before that, won’t you like to test the ground- to have an idea of how your app will look. While finalizing the partner and before commencing the full-fledged development, you will have finalized the other app aspects like features, aesthetics, and more.

Wireframes are like a blueprint of an architectural design; they help in having a visual representation of the sections, features, and functions. Simultaneously, the prototype is like the original display part of that design, which gives the perfect look of how the product will look and feel when fully developed.

Often, the wireframe is built & evaluated first. Then the prototype is worked on till satisfaction. Post it, extensive development is commenced.

Main goal: To check if any aspect of the app needs more thought & attention.

5. App Development

Finally, the actual app development starts after ideation and prototyping. Your initial idea has turned into a plan, and with this step, the core execution begins.

The development process is probably the part you’ll have the least to do. You can ensure that you get regular updates from the partner to check that the process is concluded at the decided time without any delay. And also, you’ll be kept in the loop just in case there’s any unexpected error, technological change, or anything that needs your approval.

Main goal: To develop the app under the specified time & cost.

6. QA & Testing

Now, after at least a couple of months post brainstorming on your idea, your app will be ready. But before launching, you need to make sure that necessary quality assurance and other important testings are cleared to make sure that there’s almost no scope of user dissatisfaction. Coding is a heavy process, so there are always chances of errors in the app.

QA & testing is done by the partner; post this, being a visionary head of the project, they will share the app with you for the final review. Make sure you and your colleagues/employees extensively review the app and do not hurry to launch.

Main goal: To make sure there are no inaccuracies or underlying issues in the app.

7. Launch Your App

The final step in your journey of how to build an app from scratch. The app is perfected and ready to be shared with the consumers.

The partner (or team) will deploy the app on the necessary platforms. As it is successful, they will transfer all the credentials for the app to you. At this point, you will also feel the benefit of choosing the right partner (or team), as the platform executives will review your app to check whether it is meeting the quality standards.

With the right partner and quality development, you’ll have no trouble in clearing this review process.

Main goal: To make sure that the app is available for consumers.

8. Market Your App

Many might feel that this step shouldn’t be added in a guide of how to build your app from scratch. But it is an equally valuable point as you made all the efforts to make sure that your idea serves the consumers.

Almost all experienced app development companies have plans for app marketing too. Your partner will have shared it with you during the initial meeting only. But if they don’t provide such service, make sure that you invest in or yourself execute the necessary & effective app promotions.

This even ensures that you receive necessary consumer feedback too.

Main goal: To make sure that your app reaches the target audience.

Now you know a well-detailed procedure for building a mobile app from scratch. Make sure that while making every decision, you keep the budget, development time, technology level, partner’s expertise, and satisfaction of consumers in consideration. Lastly, keep innovating and upgrading your app to surprise and increase the level of satisfaction for your users.