Conducting a Competitor Analysis to Improve Search Engine Ranking

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However, to stand out from the competition and improve search engine ranking, you need to learn what they are about and how you could do better than them

Competition is a part of every corporation. It’s actually healthy because it promotes innovation, creativity, encourages companies to become more consistent and prevents complacency and laziness. However, to stand out from the competition and improve search engine ranking, you need to learn what they are about and how you could do better than them.

For this purpose, it is important that you conduct a competitor analysis on a regular basis to ensure that you do not miss a thing. This way, you will have a complete know-how of your industry’s competition and you will be able to prove to your investors and customers that you are pretty aware of everything that’s happening around you. Also, if you know about the competition, you will have a better picture of the market and which will, in turn, help you compete on the same level or even on a better one with your competition.

What Is a Competitor Analysis?

Basically, a competitor analysis is all about understanding your competition’s strengths and weaknesses and learning what they are about and how they work. Then you evaluate all these factors to develop a strategy that can help you improve your performance better and try to discover why they are able to outrank you if that is the case.

In this article, we are going to give you a few tips on how to identify your competitors, evaluate them and improve your website SEO.

First of all, who are your main competitors?

The first step is to identify your main competitors. Now, that depends on a lot of factors but most importantly on keywords. For example, if you talk about fitness and give tips and tricks to remain fit, your competition is all the websites who talk about getting fit. However, if are selling fitness products as well, your competition would increase to celebrities selling fitness products and basically any and every company that sells anything related to fitness. So you see, it all comes down to key keywords. The more competitors you have, the more work you require to get your page to the top.

It is a game of keywords and your competitor is any website that ranks in the first page of the search engine for your targeted keywords, whether or not they are your business competitors or not. An easy way to find your competition is to write down your keywords in the search engine page and click search. Look at all the websites and pay attention to position 0 as well. All of this is your competition!

Consider the metric keyword difficulty

Keyword difficulty is basically a score that tells you how hard it would be to have a high ranking of your website on SERPs for any specific keyword. The higher the difficulty of a competitor, the harder it is to outrank them. Hence, what you need to do us focus on competition with lower keyword difficulty scores so that you have less issue in trying to outrank them.

What kind of content is the competition is putting out?

Analyzing the on-site content of a page will help you a lot. Look at their consistency, the type of content, how often they are publishing it and the keywords they are using. This will give you a lot of information and insight into your competition. Look at headlines, quotes and catchy phrases they are using.

This way, you can assess them and improve it. This gives you a chance to strengthen your own strengths and work on your weaknesses as well as add to your content what your competition is missing.

While assessing their content, pay special attention to a few things such as:

  • Metadata
  • Visual representation they are adding, such as images, videos or animations
  • If they are putting out content that is relevant to the topic
  • Word count

Check all this to create a good, SEO friendly and effective strategy for your own content.

Find out competitor backlinks for more link opportunities

Try to find out where your competition is getting their backlinks from and use that to build effective and new links for your own company or website.

Is your site focusing on providing a good user experience?

You have probably noticed the fact that Google has made many changes and additions to improve user experience and make all websites more user-friendly for net surfers such as zero position, mobile-friendly websites and voice optimization. This means your website’s loading speed and accessibility need to be fast and efficient and users should have a good experience on your website, meaning they should not be confused about where to click or what to do and find it easy to navigate your site. If your website fails or falls behind in any of these things, you need to make them right immediately or your target audience will bounce off your site and go to the competition.

Analyze your competition’s websites and test them for user-friendliness. If they lack something, it is a chance for you to make yours better in order to outrank them.

Are they spending more on ads than you are?

If they are able to outrank you even after all the above ways, it may be the case that they are outspending you in ads and paid ad campaigns. Now obviously, it is feasible for you to create an ad budget and get started on effective ad campaigns, do not try to overspend or exceed your budget in order to outspend or outrank them. However, it’s good to monitor their ad campaigns and paid posts to see how much your competition is advertising, the keywords they are using and how much audience they are able to gain through this.

These were a few tips for effective competitor analysis. Obviously, nothing happens right away. Make small changes, improve on the changes you have already made and regularly monitor your competition. Eventually, you will start to see results. Good luck!

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