Coping with Coronavirus: Advice for Agencies [VIDEO]

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These are trying times for all sorts of businesses. (How can you do business as usual when there is no more usual?) While agencies are feeling the pain from clients slashing budgets and canceling projects, they are actually some of the best-positioned companies to handle the COVID-19 crisis.

Agencies, first and foremost, have to be on the brink and produce ideas,” says TDA Founder and CEO Goran Deak. TDA was named a Top 50 Global Startup by Startup Grind Silicon Valley two years in a row.

The coronavirus crunch

First, let’s acknowledge the tough times. We are in the midst of a global crisis on a scale that has not been seen in the digital age. Thankfully, this is the digital age and we have digital technologies to help us deal with things like the pandemic response. To slow the spread of the coronavirus, companies around the world are instituting work from home policies, conferences are being converted to online events and social distancing has led many people to e-commerce shopping. All of these responses—working from home, online events, and e-commerce shopping—have been made possible by digital technologies that didn’t exist before the digital age.

The digital agency example

Perhaps more than any other business, digital agencies are well prepared to continue to produce through the coronavirus crisis. With largely digital work that requires no face-to-face interaction and creates no physical products, digital agencies can be just as effective as usual even when their teams are working from home and social distancing to slow the spread of coronavirus.

In fact, digital agencies have led the charge in experimenting with work from home and off-site employees for years. Often agencies call in freelance specialists for specific types of projects. Many large and even medium-sized agencies have offices in several locations that collaborate digitally to provide clients with the best solutions.

In this interview, we discuss how agencies can set an example for other businesses and prepare for the recovery from the coronavirus crisis.

Interview Highlights

On agencies leading the way in communications

Agencies should be leading the way of educating the market on how to overcome this crisis

How to communicate efficiently, educating the market on how to manage their digital presence in a proper way in a crisis situation and how to prepare for the situation after.

On planning for the post-coronavirus recovery

We’ll need to showcase that after this crisis you can ramp up fast…It will be big pressure on agencies after this crisis stops and clients will be even more demanding for quick solutions than they are now.

On how TDA can help

The whole idea of TDA was creating a unified market where borders don’t mean anything. Where agencies can meet clients from different parts of the world.