Custom Made Websites: Tailored to Your Needs

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What does it mean to have a custom made website and CMS? Here are some of the advantages of the custom made approach.

What Is Custom Web Design?

Custom made design is a design that has been tailored according to “your shape”, it is unique and meets your needs and visual identity. Custom design creates visual appearance of your website which then creates the image (brand) of your company in the digital world.

This solution takes into consideration your logo, using the colours and the fonts in accordance with it. The design is also made respecting the latest Google standards, and includes the composition and look of various elements such as a menu, forms, special pages, social network share options and so on.

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Custom design adapts to you and your wishes and preferences, so you don’t have to sacrifice anything that is important to you. The result is always a unique website that presents your business best.

What Is a Custom Made Logo Design?

A logo is a graphic symbol that is used to visually present the company and/or its products. It is used in different media such as websites, posters, promo materials, social networks, etc. Its shape and colours make a distinctive element of the company’s visual presentation, and it is the most important part of its visual identity.

Potential clients are usually indecisive when it comes to buying some new product or using new service so they often make their decisions based on the brand’s visual identity/appearance. That is why clients associate the quality of your logo and website with the quality of your products or services.

Creating a custom logo (as opposed to the one bought from the stock material websites) means that your business will be presented in a unique way, that suits best your company’s profile and its projects, goals and ideas. With a custom-designed logo, your company is recognizable, clients can connect with it easily and it adds to the high professional level of your business.

What Is a Custom Made CMS?

CMS stands for Content Management System where you can manage your website. Custom made CMS is created following the requests and needs of your company and business so that you have all the functionalities you really need. Since it is custom made new features and tools can always be added thus responding to any new requests that you may have. Its main advantages are:

Appearance and Features

With custom made CMS, it is the client who makes a request and proposes which elements and modules they need for their business, instead of having to adjust or compromise. The final result is an original solution that will distinguish the company from the competition.


Open Source CMS is usually the cheaper solution, but it is not secure due to frequent hacking attacks. Furthermore, most of these systems don’t have role assignment options which means that all users have the same login data and access to the same amount of content which can be dangerous in terms of website security. Unlike them, custom made CMS is very secure. Various roles such as admin, editor, moderator, etc. can be assigned to the users with unique login info and levels of access, and every login and change that is made is recorded.

A Quick Fix When Issues Occur

Fixing possible issues within an Open Source CMS can be very difficult and consume a lot of time since you cannot contact the service provider directly. You are left with contact forms and chatbots as a means of asking for solutions and help, or search for advice on internet forums. With custom made CMS the support is always available. If you have any questions or an issue occurs, you simply call or email the service provider directly and they will help you as soon as possible.

Education for Users

The great part of a custom made CMS is that someone will teach you how to use it and manage your website so you don’t have to waste time on searching for tutorials and instructions on how to do something in CMS. And if you get stuck, you can always contact the support.