Developing Product Landing Pages

Sí señor Agencia
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Landing pages for products must have very specific details that need to be taken into account to guarantee their success. Here we give you a full list.

Landing Page Content

Both the image and the content should be attractive to your prospects. For this, you must inquire about what interests them and how they prefer to have the information, for example: in an ebook, infographic, video, or in the body of an e-mail, among other means. This will determine the formats and the number of materials to develop for your campaigns.

Quality Data in Every Interaction

If you want to have data that allows you to get to know a prospect well, be brief and concise. Name and email must be requested in all cases without exception for email marketing and personalization issues. Therefore, I recommend asking for your phone number and asking a question that defines what product you are going to offer or for which candidate.

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When using smart forms, the next time that lead visits you, they will automatically be shown new fields that will allow you to build their unique profile and automate personalized campaigns.

Landing Page Structure

Having extensive navigation, link buttons to other sites, or your own sites is a distraction for the visitor. If you make him go to another link, he will hardly return to finish the conversion.

Also, the subject of your landing page must be blocked from navigation, from the header to the footer. In these cases it will only be decorative, but, do not worry, because there is a phase in which you can take the lead to your site or enable navigation. This is called a “Thank You Page” (TYP).

Thank You Page

It is the end of the conversion cycle. Being grateful for a person’s trust when leaving their information will give you a good image. There are two types of TYP:

TYP Message: is a message that is displayed when the user completes the form and is displayed on the landing page itself, which invites the lead to visit your site by placing a link. However, this type of TYP is not recommended, as it will not ensure that the user continues to know you.

TYP Landing Page: It is a thank you landing page, which, unlike the conventional landing page, will have a template with activated navigation. Once the visitor has completed the form, they are redirected to this TYP which will have a thank you message, and intuitively the user will continue browsing. In addition, sections of interest can be displayed based on the information obtained and smart content can be enabled with marketing automation.