Did You Know Your Logo Can Kill Your Business, How?

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The logo should be able to define the company in just a single look. It shouldn’t be complicated but should feature ideas of what your business is all about.

Designing a logo is as essential as investing in any aspect of the business. This, therefore, means, when you are starting up a business, you should take critical consideration of how your logo should look like. The logo should be able to define the company in just a single look. It shouldn’t be complicated but should feature ideas of what your business is all about. It makes it easier for the clients to determine what company they are working with merely by checking out your logo. Therefore a logo is not just the face of the business but a source of information to both clients and potential investors.

It would technically be wrong to design a logo using features that are not linked to the business, for example, an agricultural firm designing a logo using sports garments or entertainment features such as mics and speakers. It would be advisable to use features such as agricultural crops and agricultural machinery such as trucks in the farming business logo.

These are some of the reasons as to why your logo can kill your business:

  1. Wrong quoted logos, a well-designed logo with wrong quoting’s or statements kill the entire information being passed out in the logo. A logo showing a company is dealing in carpentry would match with a quotation that tends to bring out something edible or delicious i.e. “the sweet aroma of furniture” this makes no sense to buyers who tend to lose interest in your products.
  2. Poorly designed logos, if a logo is poorly designed such that it doesn’t look attractive, it will become so hard for the business to be noticed in the first place, such logos tend to be less informing, unattractive and faint. Consumers are first attracted by the logo od the business before even checking out the quality of the products of the company hence it’s more advisable to invest enough time and expertise in designing a logo.
  3. Excessive information in logos, much as its desirable to pass out information through logos, its as well wrong to pass out too much information in logos since competitors can easily interpret your logos and acquire information on which they would use to out-compete your business, therefore the logo shouldn’t be congested with lots of ideas instead be attractive and straightforward.
  4. Expensively designed logos, if the company invests a whole lot of cash in creating logos, they will end up spending a fortune out of the capital of the business. this could weaken operations of the company and maybe in the long run force the business to exit the industry and shut down. it’s therefore advisable that the business invests a relatively fair amount in designing logos.


It’s therefore essential to take critical consideration on designing logos so as not to misinform clients but instead attract both investors and clients. The logo is the face of the business henceforth it should always be kept attractive and rich in information. A company with the right logo will gain a lot from it and stay longer in the business industry. A company like Sadja WebSolutions will help you design your logo for your company.