Different Types of Websites and How to Design Them

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Designing the website has become a crucial way of building a business. Almost 2 billion websites are there on the internet.

Designing the website has become a crucial way of building a business. Almost 2 billion websites are there on the internet. The types of these websites are different from each other. Someone can get easily confused about which design is best for the website.

If you are planning to design your website knowing the type of websites can help you choose yours. Choosing the wrong type of design for your website can affect your business very much. Many website designing companies in Delhi can help with choosing websites. Here are some common types of websites.

E-Commerce Websites

E-commerce websites are growing every year and getting used by customers from every corner of the world. This is a platform for online shopping where customers can buy a list of products with many facilities. For e-commerce companies, the website is the main platform for doing their business. They need to work in many aspects to keep the customers coming and holding the existing customers.

These website designs need to fast and user-friendly. Common online shopping websites contain many features such as filter by a category, highlighting special offers and browse products. The website needs to be updated all the time with new products and changing inventory. Commonly there is a team to update the website as per requirement. Also, there are many web designing services in Delhi that can help you. Many template designs of E-commerce websites are available to match the needs.

Social Media Websites

Social media is now the most favorite place for everyone from children to older people. The use of social media and social media platforms are increasing at a huge pace. Approx 2.80 billion people on different social media platforms online. The social media websites work differently. You can control the look of the page, but the contents are not fully in your control. People using social media websites can post any content as per terms and conditions.

Consistency and goodwill of a brand are very important in these types of pages. Changing them frequently can affect the goodwill of your page. Using the same logo and same color choices helps the customers to recognize the brand. Attracting audiences is the main objective of these platforms. Try to create and focus on contents such as memes, videos, infographics, and in-depth reports. Among all the website designing company in Delhi, there are some companies that can help you make the website.


The homepage is mostly used in normal business. A homepage contains many subcategories that can help a user choose the different areas. It is very important to design the homepage very good. A website gives the 1st impression of the company to the customers. You have to make clear, what the company does, how it works and offer the unique value proposition. You can take the help of website designing services in Delhi.


If you are thinking of making a website, design it according to the type of website and you can also get help from the above mentioned common type of websites.