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Does a Suit Make a Man, or Does Packaging Make a Product? No

kT dizajn
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With graphic design, we create the physical form of your information! Packaging design is one of the most important and most interesting services.

With graphic design, we create the form of your information!

We’ll start with a quote that says more than anything: “One thing is true – after the design of the new packaging design – sales have increased”.

Beautiful, lovable products and packaging attract attention. We all love to buy a nice product. Here we are, to make your quality product a chance for the consumer to notice and choose in the vast sea of ​​competition.

A quality, delightful, striking, and usable design attracts the consumer’s attention and sells the product. In our work so far, we have met with various products. Our goal is always the same one: designing the packaging to attract the attention of the customer because the quality and packaging design are the first ones to make contact with the consumer.

Packaging development and fabrication and packaging, in general, are part of the product development process. Packaging has a product protection function and a sales promotion function. Before making packaging, it is necessary to analyze the market and identify consumer habits. A well-designed and functional product will always find its place in the sea of ​​other products.

Our role is to work on the process of developing a new product from the very beginning. A product which is well-prepared for its entry into the market should, besides good design and packaging, meet the expectations of consumers.

When creating a new product, one should keep in mind that, besides the basic properties, one should add “something” that will distinguish it from similar products on the market.

What is Graphic Design?

Graphic design is a set of techniques that combine a lot of things, some of which include:

  • Analysis of the target group we are addressing, for whom it is designed and crafting a particular subject.
  • The combination of art design skills and creativity with marketing.
  • Technical knowledge of materials and printing techniques and design, ie knowledge of materials, printing techniques, printing preparation, and quality control.
  • Knowledge of the media and their technical characteristics.

We recommend that the quality of the product is always followed by a thoughtful styling and conceptual packaging solution, so that, along with a dose of aesthetic, they send messages from the manufacturer about the use and quality of the product.

Packaging is a reflection of the philosophy and functionality of the product as a graphic set of forms and typography. The aesthetically and functionally attractive design of the packaging or the product creates satisfaction both on the side of the customer and on the side of the manufacturer.

We design packaging and assist in the production of various types of packaging.

When designing packaging, we take into account the entire production process:

  • Before designing the packaging, we define technical performance and cost parameters.
  • Meet the target market and purchasing requirements.
  • We choose high-quality typography and a meaningful color scheme.
  • We create original graphic design of product packaging.
  • We produce quality visualizations and packaging models in relation to available technology.
  • We make professional computer preparation for production.

What Do We Do with Packaging Design?

Designing packaging is an equally important segment as well as designing the associated design. Whether it’s a simple or complete design solution, there is always a question of choosing the best materials and shapes that will meet all the needs, from aesthetics to utility and transport. That is why the collaboration between designers and technologists in the packaging process is one of the key steps for a quality final product.

Particular attention is given to the quality of transfer of the concept from the beginning project task to the graphic design of the packaging and preparation of the production for the packaging, so that the most demanding performance is within the framework of high professional packaging design standards.

When designing packaging we do:

  • Technical drawings in collaboration with production engineers.
  • Creating presentation 3D models (e.g. boxes, labels, etc.).
  • Computer visualization of packaging.

Experienced designers and graphic engineers work with us on the design and execution of packaging, and for demanding projects, the so-called “verification” of the first sheet where the designer, technologist, and the mechanic together put up the imprint on the printing machine in the “ideal” print area. It is important to emphasize that the price of packaging should not burden the product, so it is important to pay attention to the ratio of packaging, appearance and functional protection.

Packaging Design

The task of packaging is not to mark the product and to protect it from damage. Packaging is much more, hence packaging design is key in developing and selling products on the market.