Don’t Give up on Your Startup Just Yet!

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The article provides a few tips for entrepreneurs on how to keep their dream alive when they encounter obstacles during their journey.

Over the years, I have met a couple of people who had started their own company and had given up when they had hit their first obstacle. Being an entrepreneur myself, I know that it’s not easy when you set out to start your own company. You set a goal in your life to start something of your own and set sail on making your dream a reality. But does it always go our way? Does everything happen exactly as we plan out? In almost every case, it doesn’t. So, what should you do when you are at a low point in your business? Do you just give up or do you keep on fighting?

If you are having a bad day or a bad couple of weeks or even a bad couple of months, don’t have doubts about why you started a journey on your own. Instead, take the good out of those days and tell yourself that “It’s just another phase in my business”. Wake up every day with a smile on your face and keep fighting for what you love. Everyone has bad days, but that doesn’t mean that you give up on everything and work for someone that’s fighting to achieve their dream. Instead, let these bad days motivate you even more. Learn from your mistakes and work even harder to avoid such mistakes in the future. JUST DON’T GIVE UP! When life gets me down, here are a few things that I do to keep me going.

Do Something Different

Every company has different tactics to bring customers to their company. For a change, why don’t you do something different? If you have been doing cold calls for the last couple of months, why don’t you do some email marketing, social media marketing? See if any of those will bring more clients to your company. Just because something has been working for a while, doesn’t mean that you can’t try a different approach. You won’t know unless you do it. So next time when your regular marketing strategy isn’t bringing you results, try something different. It might just work for you.

Don’t Overthink

This is what kills us the most. We tend to overthink everything. What will happen if I don’t get projects? What will happen if I don’t make these payments? Will I lose my existing clients? If you spend most of your time worrying about those questions, you are not going to get anywhere. Instead, use that time to think about how you can improve your business. Keep your focus on the business itself. Don’t let your mind overrun with all the problems you have. Think about what you can do to solve those problems instead of worrying about them.

This is where most people lose their flow. As soon they hit a bump, they think it’s the end of the road for them and all the problems that you might think will happen will start flowing like an erupted volcano in your head. It’s at this time you got to be at your strongest. Be strong with how you face your problems and be smart in solving them.

 Do Something That You Will Enjoy. Go Out. Clear Your Head

Most of the entrepreneurs these days think that becoming a business owner means you have to work at least 12 hours or 14 hours a day (Myself included in the beginning). But that’s should not be the case. You have to live a life outside of your work zone. Once in a while, go out and do something that you will enjoy. Take your mind off your business for a while. Maybe you could go out and spend some time with your friends. Play a game on your Xbox or you even better, find a quiet place, grab a book and read it.

Sometimes, taking some time off and relaxing is just what you need to explore new ideas for your business. It’s true. Clearing your head of all the work issues and spending some time alone can bring in some good ideas. This brings me to my next point.

Spend at Least 15 Mins of Your Time Every Day to Do Some Meditation

Meditation can do wonders for you. Whenever I get the chance, I would do meditation for as long as I could. It doesn’t matter whether you do it for 10 mins or 2 hours. As long as you do it properly. When you are starting off with a new business. You are overcrowded with a great deal of responsibility. You will start facing issues that you probably didn’t think about before you even started on your own. Thinking about all of these will keep your mind busy 24/7. The best way to get out of that reality is to close your eyes for a while and meditate.

If you can spend at least 15 mins of your time every day to meditate, you will realize that your mind is not like a tangled earphone after you take it out of your pocket. It’s actually more calm and quiet. This will allow you to think straight and allow you to concentrate more. Next time when your thoughts are running out of control, close your eyes and do some meditation.

Don’t Blame Yourself for Everything

When life presents you with obstacles, you have to make sure you cross it. Don’t let those obstacles stop you from achieving your dreams. You are never going to face an easy climb to the top. If so, everyone would be doing it. These obstacles are put in front of you to test out your abilities, your patience, and your endurance. Sometimes life will push you to your limits. You will feel like everything is going wrong in your life. You will ask yourself “why this is happening only to me”. When this happens, be strong and be smart. Don’t just give up on everything. You have to keep fighting on. You have to keep chasing after your dreams. That’s the only way you will get to the top.

There are no entrepreneurs that haven’t struggled, that haven’t lost everything. We all fall down, but it’s those who get back up and fight for what they love that wins the war at the end. Be one of those guys that never gives up no matter how tough the situation may be. Trust yourself and trust the process. You will get to where you want to be. JUST DON’T GIVE UP!