Ecommerce Security Issues & Solutions in 2018

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To combat the unprecedented threats, we must raise our ecommerce security bar, and present Infographics study can help ecommerce merchants a lot.

Our dependencies on the Internet increased many folds with the introduction of mobiles and easy access to the mobile Internet. It has boosted online businesses a lot but also increased the number of attacks on the security of online storefronts.

Moreover, rising trends of IoT leads the world of the Internet to non-living user base where vulnerability to overall security is increasing exponentially. To combat the unprecedented threats, we must raise our ecommerce security bar, and present Infographics study can help ecommerce merchants a lot.

Ecommerce Cybercrime Report

Now, we know that the crime rate on the Internet or cybercrime is on the rise. However, we don’t know that how much it is and what kinds of attacks are reporting on the web. In due course, some surveying and research agencies are releasing such reports and recent ecommerce cybercrime report giving the following facts.

  • 29% traffic on your ecommerce might come with bad intentions, not for pure shopping purposes. It indicates the intensity of potential attacks.
  • Emails are a potential source of attacks, so 92.4% emails containing malware.
  • Nearly half of small businesses have admitted attacks are becoming more sophisticated, and almost 35% attacks are file-less attacks type.

Types of Industries Under Attack

Cyber attackers are targeting some industries the most while some less. For instance,

  • Ecommerce has received 32.4% of attacks.
  • Financial Institutions have experienced 25.7% of attacks.
  • 23.1% of attacks come through Social Media & Emails channels.
  • 12.8% of attacks target M-Commerce & various Monetary Transactions.
  • Professional Services have received 4% of attacks.
  • Other Industries have gotten 2% of attacks.

Impacts on Ecommerce

Cybercrime has deep impacts on ecommerce security. Therefore,

  • 43% of small ecommerce stores are on the target of cybercriminals.
  • 54% ecommerce have experienced one or more attacks.
  • 60% of SMB ecommerce died off after an attack within six months.
  • Only 38% of ecommerce storefronts have abilities to manage the attacks and survive.

What Are Attackers Looking For?

Researchers have found out the following inspirations behind the cyber-attacks.

  • Data for ecommerce visitors.
  • Data on transactions carried out on ecommerce and data of employees working in the Ecommerce Company.
  • Credentials of ecommerce access including username and password.

Ecommerce Security Solutions

After a thorough analysis, ecommerce expert developers come with following viable solutions.

  • Ecommerce merchants should use secure hosting with SSL certificate for HTTPS.
  • Online merchants should avoid the storage and backup of customer data.
  • Use hacking prevention software that prevents from the security attacks.
  • Take a regular backup of ecommerce data and site.
  • Use system alerts that indicate suspicious activities.


If you are ecommerce merchants and aware of the significance of cybercrime and your security against it, Magneto IT Solutions invites you to discuss your plans to make your ecommerce site highly safe and secure against any advanced and sever attacks by hackers and other malicious elements on the web.

You will get detailed analytics reports of your security measures, vulnerability, and possible solutions in cost-effective ways.

Here is the eCommerce security infographic developed by Magneto IT Solutions: