Email Marketing Automation: The Definitive Guide

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For every $1 spent email gets an ROI of $41. Learn how to automate emails and increase sales.

With all the latest trends in the digital marketing world, it’s not hard to forget that email is still the most powerful and cheapest channel. The average ROI for email marketing is $41 for every $1 you spend.

And when you secure the email automation, then you have a leading winner.

In this guide, you’ll find out how you to use email marketing automation to send relevant, personal messages that improve customer engagement.

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What Is Email Marketing Automation?

As you know, email marketing is the digital marketing practice of communicating with clients via email. Every day, email-based marketing messages include newsletters, promotions, email sales pitches, and news.

Email marketing automation enables you to send emails to subscribers based on a pre-defined event. For instance, when a person subscribes to your mailing list, you can automatically send a confirmation or welcome email.

Although, do not confuse it with mass or bulk emails when you send a message to everyone on your mailing list at the same time with the same email. Like when you notify people that you’ve published a new blog post on your website or you have a promotion.

Types of Email Automation

Mainly, there are two types of email automation: behavior-based and time-based.

Behavior-Based Automation

It allows you to personalize what you want to deliver and when you want to deliver your emails. For instance, you could observe your welcome series to see if a user clicks on a link, and based on that, you could send a separate email that informs them of a special promotion.

Time-Based Automation

Sends emails on a date, time according to your needs. For example, you could have a ‘Beginner Course’ of three emails that are scheduled to be sent once a week for the next three weeks after a new subscriber joins your mailing list.

How Can Marketing Automation Profit You?

There are three vital benefits of using email automation:

Saves Time

Email marketing automation saves you a lot of time by creating an email or email series once and then letting it run automatically for weeks in advance. Can you imagine how tired it would be if you had to stop what you were doing every time a new subscriber signed up? Also, sometimes you will have to send newsletters after working hours, but who would want to do that manually then?

Ensures Delivery on Time

Email automation sends your emails to the recipients at the right time based on the trigger events that you chose. You can even design delivery according to different time zones around the world, e.g., if you want to guarantee a recipient receives a specific email at 8 am local time. You could really make people angry by sending emails, for instance at 2 am local time. Email automation makes sure that you would never do that.

Higher Open Rates and Clickthrough Rates

Email automation increases subscribers opening and clicking on links because they are relevant and timely.

Email Marketing Automation Tools

Probably now, you are thinking, “This sounds great, but how do I send these automated emails?” the answer is – Email Marketing Software.

There are lots of email marketing software solutions, each with their own automation features. You’ll have to decide specifically what automation features you want and what your budget is for email marketing.

The good news for email marketing beginners is that there are some free tools available so that you can test the automation features yourself.

Our recommendation is Sender and here’s why:

Free forever plan. Sender offer to new users a generous free plan for Up to 2 500 subscribers and Up to 15 000 emails/month and the best part all features included. Most of other email marketing software offers a free plan only for a limited plan and without premium features, but not Sender.

User-friendly dashboard. You do not need any IT or HTML knowledge to understand how to create email automation.

Membership renewal reminders. If you want your clients to renew their membership. Why not show the benefits of membership renewal automatically to your members?

Drip campaigns. Maintain open lines of communication with your subscribers by sending pre-written messages over time. Just collect information ahead and create an email for future campaigns.

Welcome emails. Send triggered emails to inform your prospects about their subscription. Wisely use the opportunity to create a lasting first impression of your brand. Subscribers who confirm their subscription are more likely to open your email, and the clickthrough improves.

The abandoned cart emails. If you’re still not reaping the benefits of abandoned cart emails – you’re missing out. That’s sad when a possible buyer leaves a product at the end of the marketing funnel. Don’t leave that person just like that. Remind them that you are there and you sell a good quality product which is worth buying.

Happy Birthday emails. A simple and effective triggered email. Show your subscribers that you care and value relationships. A simple thing like remembering your client’s birthday can make your inactive customer to a loyal customer.

Nurture your subscribers. Stay connected to subscribers that aren’t yet ready to buy. Give your subscribers the chance to get to know you and your brand. Educate your targeted audience and show that you are the leader of your industry.

Onboard your newcomers. A welcome aboard email allows you to confirm the new employee’s position and start date. Let your future employees know you’re thinking about them. It decreases the stress for the new employees when you give them instructions.

Here’s everything you need to know about email automation. Don’t forget that email marketing is crucial for any business, from a digital product to a bakery shop. Just do not forget that you need to target your audience and send email campaigns, which creates value for your customers. Whether you are new to the email marketing world or looking to take your marketing automation efforts to the next level, try using Sender, and you will see a huge improvement.