Ending 2019 With a Bang: Strong Results From 2019’s BFCM Sales Event

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Here we’ll share some insight on the results Chronos Agency has seen alongside their partners during the big BFCM 2019 sales event.

The end of 2019 was a wild ride! The big BFCM sale event got eCommerce businesses from all around the interwebs to dish out everything they’ve got. Why? So they can maximize and zoom past their expected revenue generation for the event.

As we welcome the new decade, we want to share our results to inspire all of you with what we helped our clients achieve during the recent Black Friday and Cyber Monday event.

Let’s Make It Rain!

BFCM sales were through the roof last 2019!  Black Friday sales reached a whopping $7.4 billion. While Cyber Monday sales peaked at $9.4 billion.

Comparing those numbers from 2018’s BFCM, worldwide sales generated that time were $6.8 billion during Black Friday and $7.9 billion during Cyber Monday. This meant Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales last 2019 increased by 19.35% and 18.98%, respectively.

This shows that the eCommerce market is growing more and more over time. With more online shoppers scrambling to cross out every item on their wish lists during the sales seasons like BFCM.

Some of the key reasons why online shopping continuously increases in popularity are its accessibility and convenience.

So instead of getting into free-for-alls with shoppers duking it out in a department store and waiting in long lines to the cashiers, shoppers can simply buy, buy, and BUY to their heart’s content at the comforts of their own home—or on the go!

Mobile Devices Saw the Most Online Shopping Activity

Top buyers consisted of shoppers from Canada, France, and the United Kingdom. The amount each country spent on average per order are as follows:

  • Canada is at the top spot for spending an average of $96.30 per order
  • France following at second with an average of $66.86 per order
  • And at a super close third, United Kingdom with an average $66.01 per order

Additionally, 69% of shoppers made their BFCM purchases through phones and tablets while 31% were made through laptops. This proves that using responsive email design practices is more of a must than just a gimmick to ensure mobile users will have a pleasant buying experience.

Here’s What Chronos Agency Has in Store This 2020

We’re starting early this January 2020 with a collaboration between Chronos Agency and the Ezra Firestone for Ezra’s Blue Ribbon mastermind event. Chronos Agency’s CEO and co-founder Joshua Chin was invited as a speaker for this event. He will present an in-depth discussion about the inner workings of email marketing and the benefits it gives to eCommerce businesses.

The audience? More than a hundred 8-figure eCommerce business owners!

We also have an upcoming video this January. The video will cover the benefits of using SMS with your marketing campaigns, especially in its ability to build hype among your target audiences between holiday events.

Do you need help with your email marketing? Whether it’s ironing out the wrinkles, streamlining your segments and flows, or just doing the whole email marketing job for you—we’re happy to help!

Just schedule a free 30-minute strategy session with us and let’s talk.