Event Check-In Apps Is Bound to Make an Impact in Your Business

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Whenever we hear about any Event number of questions appear in the mind about the Management.

How Management works with the latest technology or how easily can be converted into a successful EVENT!!!

Well, Don’t worry about reading this article you get a piece of complete information on Event Check-in apps.

These include its features, importance and marketing solutions provide by dynamic 365 which are helpful if you are thinking about starting own business.

Introduction About Event Check-In Apps

There is an ample range of event registration and event management apps but the most trending nowadays are attendee and guest check-in apps.

An app that allows event planners, hosts and crew to mark the attendee’s presence digitally through mobile mean Event Check-In App.

The central point to select any event check-in app is a collection of attendance or other information. The different methods for tracking attendance for event check-in are:

  • Apps that allow manual guest info entry along with digital.
  • Attendance through custom QR codes in user’s mobile phones.
  • Events from Submissions which mean a detailed form to collect all data centrally.

All of the options need to review as in which platform you are considering in terms of event check-in as it helps to gain a strong selection in the market.

Importance of Event Check-In Apps:

  • A great success of the event depends on the start and stop event check-in process.
  • From planning, adjusting event schedules, to communicate with vendors, knowing who has been arrived, VIP list and their attendees special welcome all of these checks reminder is in the system.
  • We majorly focus on these three key reasons as the seamless check in the system could be critical for those people who are planning their upcoming events.

List of Features for Your Check-In Tool:

  • It’s very important to keep an eye on trending features as that tend to be hallmarks of good, trustworthy and scalable technology.
  • The core features for check-in tool provided by us are Performance and readability matrix, User-friendly and spontaneous workflow, feature bundles with transparent pricing, and Customer success team and dedicated support.

Performance and Readability Matrix:

  • For performance, we always search or ask the team about different status like app uptime, the average time to check in of guest, frequency of updates and bug fixes which can help to determine how much a technology vendor stands behind the performance of a tool.
  • As the incentive of events are always higher and search for tools that are proven to perform well in all environments.

User-Friendly and Spontaneous WorkFlow:

  • Professional tools at any level face the same criteria as end user-grade tools, as they need to be fast, easy and optimized. The comfort of use is no longer optional.

Feature Bundles with Transparent Pricing:

  • Typical compromise with enterprise and professional tools it took the entire procedure to even understand how much cost is required.
  • According to Thumb rule, a technological vendor purposely unclear about pricing plans which direct their mentality will saturate the rest of the experience.

Customer Success Team with Dedicated Support:

  • Strong support and success teams are a sign that the providers are getting into our success as a user.
  • A dedicated support team is the best tool that goes beyond being just a piece of software and can lead to being greater in teams of success.

How Dynamics 365 Marketing Solutions Helps in Event Creation and Its Management

Such marketing solutions support Group Registration, Sessions, Registration counts and queries, Promo codes, Fee schedules, Partner pricing, Supporter and Members.

A customer event portal for advertising and using which customer can register them self for the event with an auto-generation e-invoice for their registration is also proven a helpful and best feature.

To manage the internal committee or crew’s document with members role use a Sharepoint and expose Sharepoint online within the customer event portal.

Offers different type of membership and manage them as a dynamic product, supports new membership registrations and renewals, and manage membership event pricing.


All events are different and their approaches as well. While these apps run from basic attendees features to more dynamic products which are available in huge number on the web today.

We are here help you today to select the best one as we have already discussed the number of best feature an event check-in app could have.