Examples of Instagram Stories for Brand Promotion

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We have all seen how Instagram is becoming more and more important for companies to promote their brands, especially towards younger generations who frequently use this social network. Yet again, the importance of promotion on this platform becomes even more valuable after introducing Instagram Stories.

We have found some of the examples of how Stories were used to promote brands. Read this to get more instances and ideas to promote your own brand.


What’s a better refreshment for hot summer days than a cup of ice coffee or any other cold beverage from Starbucks? To recommend their products and reach consumers in a different way, they have used Instagram Story with their top picks for summer days. With additional movements, sketches and a name of each beverage, this is one very interesting example of promoting a new product!


It’s the beginning of the new season, and how else would you reach out to more than 19 million followers on Instagram than using Instagram Stories to remind them to watch the season opener?

Adding an image which shows the most important info! Date, time and place are just the right way to promote the game, whether you are going to watch it live or on a TV. Nice way to increase viewership!

NBA ring ceremony commercial

J Crew

J Crew is an American company which offers an assortment of women’s, men’s and children’s apparel and accessories. They had an amazing Instagram Story campaign which introduced their new pink sunglasses.

First, they showed their followers the new sunglasses worn by actors in this particular Story. Then, they implemented a call-to-action at the end of the story. It was an announcement saying 50 first pairs will be sold only through Instagram and only tomorrow. That was an extremely good way to create a demand for a certain product.

Take a look at these examples and find an inspiration for your Instagram Stories. Or, if you don’t have enough time or have no inspiration, let our Social Media team handle your Instagram profile. Let us know your thoughts.