Facebook vs Instagram — Which Advertising Platform Is Better for Your Business?

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Facebook vs Instagram? Which advertising platform is better for your business.? Instagram and Facebook are both great avenues to meet your marketing goals.

As a marketer today, you can’t go forward without a social media marketing plan for your business. However, given the sheer number of social media platforms, which one should you focus upon?

The most popular social media platforms right now are Facebook and Instagram. If you had to really choose between the two, what would be the option that you would go for? Well, firstly, there isn’t any right or wrong answer here — one should always choose the platform that works best for the business!

Facebook Marketing vs Instagram Marketing

Let’s see which platform is better on the basis of the factors mentioned below.


Facebook today has 2.2 billion monthly active users (source: Dreamgrow) while Instagram has 800 million monthly active users. Clearly, Facebook is still the best platform when it comes to reach. It has a wider user base and is a hit among all age groups when compared to Instagram. If your goal is simply to increase visibility for your brand, Facebook is definitely the better option.


When it comes to user engagement, Instagram tends to leave behind Facebook by a huge margin. A Forrester study (2014) gauges Facebook engagement to be 0.7% compared to the 4.21% of Instagram. Most of this can be accounted to Facebook algorithms, where most users don’t even see brand posts in the first place.

According to a Selfstrtr report, 100% of an audience is reached per post by Instagram brands while it’s a mere 6% for Facebook. No wonder, so many brands are veering towards Instagram today for their social media marketing needs!

Target Demographic

A great advantage of digital marketing is how one can exactly pinpoint the target customers as well as re-target them wherever necessary. The difference in the target demographics is a deciding factor behind choosing either Facebook or Instagram.

Instagram is best to reach the age group below 30 and especially teenagers, while Facebook is better to target adults above the age of 30. Facebook also boasts of a much wider audience, across different age groups. So, having a clear idea of your target audience will help you to choose the best platform between the two.

The Way Forward

Instagram and Facebook are both great avenues to meet your marketing goals. If possible, it is best to design campaigns for both platforms. Each platform has its unique advantages and features. The one you choose to go with will ultimately depend on the kind of expectations you have from your campaign.

If you are still unsure about your campaign objectives and social media marketing in general, a Digital Marketing Agency might make things easier!